Back on Aussie soil :D

For the last two months we were in Malaysia for work and we finally flew home on Good Friday/Easter Saturday.  This is why there has been few posts this week.  I am simply just exhausted from the time zone change, including DST change as well. So I apologise for that! It was a long flight (8 hours) which was delayed 2 hours (with us sitting on the place waiting to take off). We had 2 children which alternated crying for 6 of those hours.

Easter Sunday we then had to drive 3 hours to pick up our cats from Drew’s mum, and back home Easter Monday, which took almost 5 hours due to traffic. Our fault entirely, we normally leave at dawn to avoid traffic but this time we left at almost midday. We won’t make that mistake again.

Just a little traffic

The cats look pretty grateful to be home though which makes me very happy. We were worried we would have to resettle them back into our house, but that didn’t seem to be an issue at all.

Just chilling out


The rest of the week we have been trying to sort out why we cannot stay connected to WoW for more than 20 minutes and have been moving my pc to different areas.  I am now down stairs in the dining room and cabled to the modem, Drew suspects the network cards are too blame based on our isolation testing.  We have an electrician coming to quote us on ethernet port installation so based on the price we might get that done or just buy power line adapters based on recommendations of friends who also play WoW.

We are back to work on Friday so honestly, we are just trying to get back into time zone and get some energy built up.  It is proving harder than I thought, but I will start posting again 🙂

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