Hidden frost artifact

I logged onto my mage tonight to do my missions and noticed the emote telling me my portals were wanting to send me to Frostfire ridge.  It is a random thing you just have to wait for and I was surprised I got it only about 3 days after having my portals active.

This is likely the most simple one of the hidden artifacts to get.  Select class hall upgrade for portals, wait for them to do the emote, walk though and speak to a huge fire mob who hands you the Everburning Crystal.

When you use it – voila!  It is literally as simple as that. Compared to some of the pally ones I have had to do!

Such an awesome looking hidden weapon.  I am going to stick with frost for a while especially after getting this appearance unlocked.

So I jumped back to my missions, and managed to get another couple of token to raise my reputation for Valajar.

What this means…is that I need one more reputation.  Just one more and I will be at 70. I am not far off on a couple of them and will see if I can’t get a few more to exalted before the new xpac comes out.

I am devastated as to the loss of wow juju reputation calculator, I wish I as good enough to recreate the site. Or someone. Not me 🙂

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  1. I got a hidden appearance for my holy weapon on my Pally last night, my first one! I was so happy, even though I’ll never use it.

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