Xpac Spoilers: We finally bought Battle for Azeroth

The reason for the delay was simple. Neither of us had the reputation to start the quest chains for the allied races, so we waited until we had that completed.

I know we didn’t have to, but there is nothing worse than buying something you can’t make use of. We cannot decide what characters to boost, Drew is thinking of a mage as he has never been able to level one, and I am completely clueless. I haven’t got a high level rogue, monk or DK. The rest of my toons I have at 90ish. Seems wasteful to boost a level 90 toon when I could boost a level 1…but…I simply don’t want any of those classes at max and that is where I a torn. I am leaning towards my hunter who is 90 and means I could skip Drainor completely or my Shammy who is also stuck at Drainor level.

Anyway, we left them for the moment, but the little 110 circle is calling to me 😀

We logged back in to a summons by the Warchief (FOR THE HORDE!) and past this point is spoilers for the allied races steps.  If you do not wish to know, skip over the rest of this post.

The Highmountain Tribe send you off to Thunder totem to enjoy a feast with some horde shaped fireworks 🙂 They were a nice touch by Blizz imho especially with Drew on his hippogryph in the distance 😀

During the feast there is an attack where you have to kill some uglies. Old gods.  Not the prettiest of creatures – maybe they are misunderstood because of their disgusting visages.

Once you complete that you are sent to Thunder Totem to save the 4 wards around the zone because the elder spirit walker is taken ill.

You drink some “water” to send you into the spirit realm.  I doubt the validity of the term water – especially as the ratio of water to hallucinogenic drugs is likely more of the latter and less of the former.

Once you restore the 4 wards, you have to fight the ugliest of uglies.  He throws you around a lot in this fight, I spent more time being knocked back than DPSing I think.

Once defeated everyone is thankful for us being around to save Highmountain and they agree to join the Horde.  I should hope so!!

Sylvanas is happy with us when we return and we score a lovely mount out if and some new friends.

As luck would have it the Highmountain Thunderhoof got me Mount Parade. That is pretty amazing I thought I was well off getting another achievement and I have terrible luck with mount drops on general.

I think it is a very nice looking mount.  Definitely one that has been added to my growing list of favourites.  Unlike the Armoured Red Dragonhawk which will languish in the realms of the forgotten.

We also did the nightbourne as well, their story felt much shorter, like 10 minutes maybe. You head to Suramar, Thalryssa complains the alliance are scumbags (FOR THE HORDE!) and then you head to Silvermoon to meet up with the whingy Alleria (who let’s not forget it all void crazy now!)

You go back to the Sunwell, Alleria stands too close and nearly kills the Sunwell’s light energy with her void energy and there is a small fight in a scenario with Thalryssa proving she is an epic elf.  Alleria is banished from ever entering Silvermoon again (which is a little harsh imho).  Done. So simple.

You get back and everyone is happy and excited we now have 2 allied races on our side!

And one of the most lovely pussy cats in the game – Nightborne Manasaber – is now yours to ride!

There you go, such quick and easy stories to complete which will make the the Battle for Azeroth all that more amazing. Now if we can just convince Blizzard to make the Guardian form a giant bull for the Tauren I would be stupidly happy.



5 Replies to “Xpac Spoilers: We finally bought Battle for Azeroth”

    1. I like the idea we are going back to distrusting the other side. I don’t want to be friends with the alliance, but I also don’t know what they are going to do for raid bosses etc. It will be interesting to see how it all ties in with storyline.

    1. Wow!! I wasted my 100 on an alliance druid – got her to 110 as well but then we joined Warsong and barely ever left 😉 haha

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