Mythics: At least completing them count for something.

We have a nice little mythic group made up of me me tanking, Michael healing, Ben & Drew DPSing, plus whoever is online or available of Oui, Nathan or Andrew.

Drew has been starting to heal as well but can only manage lower level ones at this stage, about level 7. We are trying to get him some better gear and experience so he can potentially join in raids etc.

We decided to head to Maw of Souls 8 first with Drew healing on Aryssa. It was tough because Drew was having issues with his set up preventing him from playing disc properly.  In the end him and Michael switched out to get the last boss down – it was rough going, but we got there.  The mythic affixes for the week are Grievous and Tyrannical.

Grievous has now taken over for my most hated of affixes. Not pleasant at all.

Drew dropped out to play with his Clique set up and fix his UI, so we dragged Ben in on his pally and headed to Neltarion’s Lair 8. We smashed through that with Andrew DCing at some point thanks to his crappy internet. But that bumped up the key to Darkheart Thicket 10. We almost didn’t make it through, but we got to the last boss with 3 minutes left and managed to complete it to upgrade the key to a Court of Stars 11.  Andrew dropped out at that point and Drew joined us again. Poor bugger came in for another wipe fest in a dungeon we had NFI what we were doing.

We fumbled our way through, literally, each boss a struggle.  I do not see how anyone does this under 30 minutes.  It was a horrible instance which I could barely remember. At all. I had vague recollection of some of it, but largely I was confused.   I do feel though that after a few more runs and knowing what needs to happen it will be much easier to complete – I just don’t see it being under 30 when the first boats take 1 minutes off your time and then the asking spies for information etc can take a lot of time as well.

We called it quits after that for a little while but it was pretty good.  I think if we can get a solid group going with solid DPS we would be able to smash through some high level ones, but we just need to also get the right keys.

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      1. How are you guys travelling with getting a 15 completed? If you need a random dps / healer feel free to hit me up – i’ll msg Dragonray my details on facebook so you guys can add me and know when i’m online :p

  1. We are pretty amazing 😀

    Doing Court of Stars reminded me of the first time I ran it with Lana and some other people I don’t remember. It was hard then too.

    1. I think it will be better now I know what to do and where to go. Honestly I think that was the second time I had done it. I think we can do it much better next time.

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