Pets – even more pets

You know some people just come into your life and no matter what bring you happiness and smiles and contentment.  This all stems from pets.

I logged into Dalaran and noticed my mailbox was needing to be read.  I open the box and notice multiple mails from the lovely Nelly again with more pets for me!  If i could crush on a person it would be Nelly at the moment with the pets 😀

These were the ones she sent me this time, and I sent some back to her because she had already given them to me last time! The joys of farming for transmog gear in old raids is you get pets.

My little micro sentry asking me very politely to be levelled next.  Gah such cuteness!!

My levelling queue in rematch is about 40 pets long at the moment. I did manage to get quite a few pets levelled on the recent bonus weekend – I just spent time near flight points battling everything I could.

I do need to start doing that again and likely it will happen over the next couple of weeks as my work life changes.

But there are so many things I want to express to Nelly and simply put – words can’t. I am so grateful to know her!! Not only for the pets but for being so awesome with the hellfire raid and being patient with me. So many hugs being sent via the internet!!

Thank you so much!

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