Hellfire Citadel, kicking it old school

The title implies I went to Hellfire Citadel. Reality is that when I stepped into the raid I knew I had never been there. Oops. Missed that completely.

The guild was doing a run for achievements, which I now have a fair few of thanks to the guys.  I did offer to drop out when I realised I have never been there, after our battles in Mogu’shan I didn’t want to risk anyone else’s achievements. These guys were fantastic and very supportive of a person like me not having ever done the raid.

This fight would have had me in tears at level I think.  It seemed to go on for a very long time and seemed to have no end in sight even with us one shotting mobs the entire time.  I dread to think.

I actually really enjoyed this fight, I felt it would have been fun at level, avoiding the fires/bullets, being spurn around etc.  We struggled with his barrage getting the mobs – in one case the only single mob got completely covered by barrage and didn’t take any damage.  WTF Blizz?  hehehe

I have no idea – we got told to zerg, so we did. There were a few of them during the run actually.

Also I have no idea on this one, I can’t even remember – all I know is that is one of Lominari’s favourite songs 😀

I was pleasantly surprised to see myself get an epic follower – briefly I was thinking he would go to my missions.  LOL I quickly realised I am dumb because obviously garrison :p I think this was another kill the boss fast fight.

Gorefiend we just couldn’t get done.  We attempted it a couple of times and just couldn’t seem to get the achievement to happen. I am not entirely sure I got what was supposed to happen but I think it would have been a hell of a fight back in the day.  It also terrified me!

She is one ugly mob.  She?  or is it a he?  <shudder> who knows with a stomach that wants to eat you!

Again no idea on this one…something about not touching an eye? otherwise just burn through the boss?  Which was done super fast and then we spent about 5 minutes waiting for his speech to finish so he would actually die.

We spent ages trying to get this ghost one but for some reason we don’t know it didn’t register.  All the ghosts were grouped up, we killed them quick smart then killed him…No idea…we will need to go back for that one as well.

Another super burn of the boss and ignore the adds.  Just go balls to the wall.  Easy done thank you very much.

Hrmm..nope..can’t remember it all, I think it was at this point I was wondering just how big this raid was. Seems to me this place would have taken longer than MC in Vanilla to get through!

I love, love, love the fight to kill Manneroth. Evil demon deserved death. I was so happy to have killed him.  I got so much joy from this fight even though I had zero idea of what was going on, I just ran around and killed adds.

Almost as much as I love this one.  Killing Archimonde was a joy that cannot be replaced.  We didn’t get the achievement but it was amazing none the less to see content for the first time. Look at the evil buggers!

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