I commented about 2 days ago to Lominari that I really wanted the hidden artifact appearance for my weapon but that it required a drop from mobs in Suramar or Nighthold.  My luck with world drops is pretty spotty at best so I resigned myself to the fact it would never happen.  So when I went to my class hall I changed my weapon to the lovely pink option as I felt it was appropriate given we were going to be running around in Suramar for the questline for flying.  We were catching Lominari up on a chest chain that I had already completed and in do so got attacked by a huge amount of mobs, he said to just let ourselves die – I chose to fight because I am like that – we ended up managing to kill them all!  Woo!

I am so glad we did.

I nearly fell off my chair. I stared at it blankly for a few seconds – it was probably really only 10 seconds but it felt more like ha minute until the realisation of what I was seeing dawned on me.

I screamed. Yup, screamed “OH MY GOD!!!!! I cannot believe it!!  I got it – Lominari it just goddamn dropped!” He was all..”huh? what are you talking about!  IN my excitement to explain what it looked like or was I think I may have said a string of nonsensical words in an attempt to form a sentence.

This was also after having just a few hours earlier managing to complete the knowledge levels and spending time trying to work out how you know what level you needed to get to or how many more notes were needed.

Of course this spanking new artifact skin needed a new transmog and since I have always loved the star skins on anything (what I wouldn’t give for the mount!!) I might decide to stick with this for a little while.

Isn’t she so gorgeous!  Awwww my fire mage looks so epic with her starry blade! I like blues and purples as a general rule and so this transgmog makes me happy although I am wondering if I should change my spec to frost to match.

So happy I got my hidden skin – for all you guys farming out there, just keep going.  I still only have one legendary so am not lucky on that front. Swings and roundabouts as they say.  You will get it eventually!

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