Pet Battles: Taming Draenor

Wow!  Just what a bunch of bastards!  Can I say that? Don’t tell Cymre I called her in game tamer that name.  She wouldn’t like it. But, oh my goddess!  She was hard.  So so so hard. That stupid idol was unkillable.

I did however manage to defeat her with this team above. It was a couple of days in the works and planning but I eventually got there.

We also need to briefly discuss this mod called “Rematch” – it is so brilliant!  So So So So So So brilliant. You can save teams, you can create a list of pets to be levelled, search by type, Strong against and tough vs.  It shows you what pets the trainer/tamers have etc etc etc.  If you pet battle and don’t use it – get onto it – and why did I not get this mod sooner!!

Veshan wasn’t too bad, I just seemed to have good luck with him and only did the fight a couple of times with the above group.  I don’t remember even using my cub on this fight fight.

Taralune was not the easiest but my pets were not all level 25, so it was a little bit of a challenge, ultimately better for my Whelping though.

Gargra was not as great for my leveller pet, I must have messed up the order to pet her into the battle, either way I managed to defeat her as well after a few attempts.  I think RNG works against me a lot more than some other people.

I didn’t take a photo of Tarr the terrible so I have zero recollection of the fight! Go Me! So I am sorry as I have no idea how I did it.  I think it only took me 1 attempt as well so it was super easy from memory.

Now I don’t know what else to chase.  I have to start working on the achievements to kill heaps of trainers with a team made up of each type.  That may take forever. Oh and the celestial tournament will be a focus soon.

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