Who is stressed now…sitting on 8/10

We did kill them last night!! I knew we would 🙂 I was feeling it in my bones. Most of us managed to receive the Iron Assembly achievement as well which is nice!  We only have 2 more to go now!!

I could sense towards 10pm people were starting to get annoyed because some people were just not doing as requested and it was making the mechanics really hard to avoid. It is a very mess fight though and whilst we are now doing the first 2 boats phases will minimal issues, when it gets to the third phase we seem to lose our concentration or something and all hell breaks loose.

It was a tough attempt though and it was really touch and go to get that kill even.  I think we had about 7 people left up – I honestly couldn’t tell you I was staring so hard at the health bar of the boss willing it to go down!

I am not sure killed me, I checked the recap as well and ultimately it was just an assortment of things…I should have been watching my health but I was tunnelling the turrets 🙁  Bad mage.

My DPS was better last night with my new cloak from the clear before: Runescribed Gronncloak, (Thanks Luxy!) and our increase in ilevel from gear I am now sitting pretty on 682. I think I was seeing myself on like 28k at some points which I am much happier about.

So much gear dropped!!  and we found a quest in the back of a room that allows you to have direct access to Blackhand apparently.  It looks like it requires at least 4 clears for the bits we need for it.

We also went and had a play on the next boss which I admit I didn’t read up about at all. I was so focused on the maidens 🙁  It is a pretty confusing fight currently – after having done less than 10 attempts :)  We got to phase 2 on every attempt but only just.  I am so excited to be this close to end content again!

Kyjenn decided to photobomb my perfectly composed screenshot!  I will try and get some time to read up and watch some videos on it before the next raid as we have an entire night to work on it which can be either great or horrid!!  LOL

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