20,000 views under the sea

Since I started this blog on it’s own domain I only have stats from January 2014 – however I have managed to hit 20,000 views!

I think that is a very impressive amount!! I was hoping to actually get the image showing 20,000, but it happened overnight whilst I was sleeping :)  The best views I have had on one day was 205 which I believe would have been related to the transmog competition I ran last year.  I generally sit on about 50 views a day at the moment with a varied amount of visitors anywhere between 15 – 40…but I have quite a few people who RSS and don’t actually come to my blog so I know I have more people reading than this shows.

I am amazed at how many countries come here…I wonder how many are not legitimate or are from spamming companies. I have a pretty broad selection in here and I am happy about that!

I thought I would do something special for my 20,000 view and I was thinking of another transmog competition, but I wasn’t sure if the shine of transmog had worn off as there seems to be less and less competitions running – or perhaps I am just out of the loop.  I had a fantastic idea for a group transmog event thing – that was less competition and more fun..but may be hard to get happening.  It would need at least 9 people if you did three groups of 3 people (or even 4) and I don’t think I could get 9 people interested.

But aside from that crazy idea…I have enjoyed keeping a record of my ingame life. It gives me a sense of achievement.  I like having made the friends I have made through blogging.

So thank you.

Each and every one of you that have dropped past, commented, read, laughed or even just read 1 post on here.  I appreciate the time and the connection!  Feel free to drop past on twitter or FB and follow me there as well!

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