Avoiding blogging….for reasons…

I have so many things I want to post about, so many images in backlog, draft posts and ideas.  However, I just don’t want to write, because basically…I am sort of torn mentally at the moment and I really have no idea what to do.

I honestly don’t know if I wrote about any of the guild drama that happened with the release of Highmaul…I think I pretty much just avoided it as I had little knowledge of what was being said behind the scenes.  I do know though, our GL, Navi gave a great speech about how we could shove off if we didn’t like the direction of the guild and that we were not a Mythic raiding guild as our main focus etc etc.  It was a fantastic speech.

Of course, what I took away from that was that at some point we may dab our toes into Mythic, but that wasn’t going to be a focus.  But what has ended up happening is that the “Sunday casual” raid is now the only time they do normal mode, Wednesday they clear out heroic and Thursday they do Mythic. Mondays have been dedicated to clearing the last boss in heroic which they got down last week!!  WOOT!  I missed it due to the public holiday :(

I didn’t sign up to raid 4 nights a week – that is so far from casual in my eyes, so I generally don’t go to the Sunday raid as it was supposed to be for the casuals and is mainly just all the exact same people (on alts now). I also never really wanted to raid Mythic. When we were considering guilds to settle into, we specifically decided to stay because they were not mythic focused.  I had hoped with the little speech we would continue to focus on normal/heroic for a little while, but it seemed to go the other way.

I currently try to get myself dropped when it comes to Thursday nights because I do not have the gear for Mythic raiding.  I am still about 10+ ilevels behind most of the other people in the guild and whilst they are trying to maintain an aura of “it doesn’t matter” I refuse to put myself in the position when it comes to Mythic.  You cannot just take whomever and expect to get the content.  I cannot do the same DPS as others at the moment, and whilst I can stay out of the crap in the other modes, my one night on Mythic Kargath proved to me how much I dislike Mythic. I don’t find being overwhelmed with specific attacks/moves/mobs etc fun anymore…or challenging, I find it damn annoying to be honest.

I know my skill level and I know what I am capable of – mythic is not it.  Maybe 5 years ago, I could, when I had all the time in the world to spend in game bettering my gear and play style, but now? I just don’t have the mindset, tolerance or elitism for it.  I have been feeling a little depressed about the entire WoW thing in all honesty.  I am not sure if the players in the guild are that much better now or the content is easier than previously – I honestly don’t know – but the guild has cleared normal and heroic while there is nothing else available and that is simply awesome!!  I couldn’t be more proud. Can’t we just stay doing that content for a little while?

Lominari and I got to 100 and tried to get involved in guild life and offer runs and group things and most of the time we ended up going with just the two of us – no it didn’t happen all the time and we have had some fantastic runs with guildies, but when 4 out of 5 runs you are going alone, I started wondering why I was even bothering to play.

This is an MMO – the entire point is to be playing with other people – yet..it is the hardest thing to make happen. Why should I play when I can save my money and play a co-op with Lominari for free?  This feeling has made it harder and harder to find time to be online. There have been a few times when I have been online for a few hours, and spent most of that time in my garrison or doing my own thing (or levelling an alt) and see very little talk of things happening in guild chat. It is like most people just stay in their garrisons and don’t want to do anything or organise everything back channel.  It doesn’t help that my play time is not generally the same as everyone else’s nor that there really isn’t a lot of stuff to do as a group –  there is no point to running heroics anymore, you only get blues and not much else of value from them, i am never around or have never seen guild chat asking for challenge modes, and rep farming is pretty much a solo thing – which no one wants to do when I have asked.


I am sure this is just me feeling meh at the moment, but when you WANT to spend time in game playing with other people but find yourself asking constantly in guild chat with no responses at all, it is pretty disheartening. So, I have been spending less and less time in game simply by virtue of the fact that I am flat out bored playing an MMO as single player except for raid nights. I am sure everyone has times when they feel meh about it otherwise we wouldn’t have subscription numbers that change so much, I just wish I saw the point in playing an MMO.

All too depressing this post is, especially after my site got hacked and I wasn’t even sure I was going to get this site back for a while :)  It pushed me to get some posts happening!!

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