Pet battle Mania

ok, so I am slightly going crazy with the pet battles, but I have been sick and I couldn’t get any sleep yesterday due to the contraction works happening on our street.  I couldn’t even watch TV they were so loud, so I figured I would update my blog, and then that got me hankering to be in game, so I jumped in with the intention of doing nothing, but it didn’t hurt my head too much….so I did some pet battles…it took the least amount of effort.

I scored some cool achievements as well, which always makes me happy.

My team is now 23/22 level and I am pretty close to getting that one to 25 which will help the rest get there.  I went off and did my 2 dailies before I headed to outland.

perts lvl 23

Given that outland is such a small place I figured I would just collect everything in every zone I needed to.  That was my goal.

On the way to getting my Safari achievement I got an extra pet without much effort on my first capture in Outland:

More pets!!!

feral v

He is a cute little bugger isn’t he?  Especially those bright red eyes?

So deciding to just fly to every zone in Outland didn’t sound that hard….but was horrible :p However I have managed to maul enough animals in zones to make it worthwhile before I had done much in Nagrand.

Master Pet Hunter


Then after travelling around trying to find a Brown Marmot and a rat, I managed to get these little puppies.

Outland Safari


Outland Tamer

Now, I have 2 more levels to get…2 MORE!!!!  OMG!!!  SO darn close :)

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