Out of Action

I have not been around much lately and for that I apologise…There was our personal week, then Eurovision and now…the dreaded lurgy…


I have been having dizzy spells, headaches, sinus pain and the general malaise that domes with feeling sick…the worst part is…I haven’t even got a snotty nose to prove it….Just the soul crushing sinus agony between my eyes and on my eyebrow ridges.

I left work early on Monday because I was swaying at my keyboard and the letters were fuzzy…not the best feeling when trying to troubleshoot faults or relay information to customers when you can hardly function enough to read the text.

Anyway I am sitting at home doing nothing because I am just exhausted but I can’t even sleep today because there are street works going on with drilling and hammering and all manner of annoying noises.

I see the frosties killed Dark Shamans – Woot!!! That is pretty exciting and 2 new heroic bosses in a matter of weeks!! I am so proud of them! i wish I could have been online to cheer them on!


I am hoping to be back online soon though, I just can’t seem to find the brain power to handle the movements in game at this stage.

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