Non WoW: Eurovision!!!!!!

This weekend is Eurovision!

By the time this post is live, I will be waiting for the Grand Final to start and I will be likely completely excited and bouncing around the house like a crazy person.

I have been obsessed with Eurovision for a little while now, because my husband – bless him – decided to start supporting my lunacy and having a good time when we watched it together.  This increased my obsession from secretly reading sites and information so full blown dress ups and excitement for the weekend in May when my life just gets to exciting for words.

Friday – also my hubbies bday is the start of the finals, with half the contestants attempting to get through to the grand final, Saturday night is the second half, and then Sunday night is the deciding round with all the winners from Fri/Sat singing it out for top spot.  The country that wins is where Eurovision is hosted the next year.  I spent most of the time aviding social media on Sunday though as someone alway blurts out who wins.  I also get crazy with twitter and facebook – so if you follow my twitter – I consider this a warning…I tag everything though, so I am pretty sure you can mute a tag??  Use it :p

Anyway the entire point of this is that I will be not be around this weekend at all, I will be sipping rum and coke on the lounge enjoying the spectacle and awesomeness that is Eurovision!

I cannot tell you how excited I am!!


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