5 more of these levels to go!!

So, I officially have 2 pets at level 20.  Woot!  Slowly but surely I am getting there, only 5 more levels to go and I can start smashing through the other pets I have…I hope…I have spent this week on early shifts at work which means early to bed and no time for raiding.  My game time therefore, has been pet battles.  I think I am doing quite well :)

My current team, I was really enjoying using a Sand Kitten, but their health was just too low…whilst my other pets were at 1100hp, the kitten was barely at 900…so I swapped for the mechano-bear you see here:

Current battle team

The group leaves a lot to be desired if I am honest, but I haven’t found any pets to replace other lower ones with yet, maybe now that I have the quest for outlands??

I completed eastern kingdoms and scored my first daily quest!!  YAY! Included with that win was a battle stone for a mechanical pet – squee!!

battle stone and daily

I then completed the Kalimdor ones as well, but sadly, we don’t get an achievement for completed the EK ones, so I will only ever have this as proof.  The old timer was my Oozling hitting 20 – I had wanted Onyxia to hit 20 first but she died on that fight, sadly..but she got it on the next fight so in my head I will consider her pretty close to being my first to 20.  I want her to be my first to 25 if I can wrangle it.  No deaths!!

Level 20 pet!!

I also noticed I was pretty close to getting all the types collected, so I dashed off to undercity to catch some ghosts and didn’t realise I would get these two achievements:

200 achievement points

I was just aiming for this one :

Collecting one of each

Overall though, I am pretty proud of my tenacity to keep going with this, I am not sure how much longer I will do it for, but I like collecting the animals in an area, so I may keep going for a while, but at this stage…I have two daily quests which will be worth it for the bandages.  Tempted to leave one of my other 90′s at the daily spots so i can just log between them to get to each spot easily….but I shall think on that.

Pretty impressive for a couple of days work if I do say so myself!

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