Apparently i am lazy in game as well….

Thela gave me a beta key to Everquest Landmark as my prize for winning the month of April, and so I figured I should get into it and have a go.

It seems to be a pretty time intensive game – to start up a little plot of land anyway, and I know it is a closed beta so there are some issues, but I am not entirely sure how well it will sit with me for a game over time.

I have been slack and not taken any pictures, I might try and get some tonight before the post goes live – so if there are pictures below – you know I remembered to do it!!

Firstly, there is absolutely no guidance in game as to what I am supposed to do.  It has always been a pet hate of mine when you log into a game and get no idea of what you are supposed to be doing.  I don’t want to play a game but spend half the time reading sites and watching youtube videos to understand basic gameplay or basic goals.  It took me over an hour to find on the various wikis that the reason I couldn’t claim land was because I didn’t have a flag and then more time figuring out I had to actually make said flag.

claim flag

This was after me spending time running around miles from anywhere to find land I could actually claim…I then had to get all the way back to the start…grrrr…


Anyway, aside from that little hiccup, I am spending most of my time mining resources and logging and collecting things I need to make my little plot grow.  I am currently trying to locate some plain wood, but I may be in the wrong environment to do so, I have to switch to another area and try and find some more trees. This little issue is preventing me from making a forge at my site and so I need to do it asap if I am ever going to have any hope of building up – I don’t want to have to keep running back to the main area.

plain wood


The mining is pretty fun I have to admit, you get to dig right under the ground and make long tunnels in the ground.  I have been enjoying just seeing how far down some veins of minerals go.  It is slightly boring though as you just sort of hold the mouse button down over the place and it just keeps going.



in the hole

Like all city building games though – you have to gather before you can start doing anything exciting, and so I just have to get through this boring period of gathering.

Once I had gathered enough for a flag to claim my land, I started building a little bit of a wall, however, I have been unable to figure out how to make the wall out of anything other than dirt.  I am guessing – I need to build my forge and other components before I can start making fancy walls.

my plot

My plan is to make a sparkling castle out of gems and gold.  Well that’s my plan – no idea if it is even possible, so far I have only seen a few gems, aquamarine and tourmaline, but I am hoping I get more variety later so I can continue to make my walls sparkle 🙂  The game says I can build anything I can imagine….so…let’s see if I can ….

my building

I have discovered though I don’t like having to sit there and gather myself – I am lazy, I want peons or serfs to do it for me, I like logging in and having all the resources I need just given to me for their work.  I don’t want to actually resource gather myself!

Let’s see how we go anyway…see how much of a building I can develop.

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