I saw this post today on the changes that will be live heading into the pre-expansion excitement phase.

I am very grateful my guild has dragged me through SoO to get the mount before it disappears – this makes me happy!  This is one of the only mounts I have received at level.  Of course this means I have to get a move on with my silver challenge modes…I must ask Navimie if we can set up a date and time to do the rest, as that way I can be there for it and know it will happen – it is all about the pre-planning!!

Siege of Orgrimmar Changes in Patch 6

I am mainly excited about the stat squish and the removal of hit  – I can’t wait to see how that plays out during the time we are waiting for Warlords to drop and of course the changes to LFR for it will mean we can have a look at how it actually effects out dps and boss kill times.

Of course I would have loved to have done some heroics this time round, however in all honesty, I am still hugely thankful I even got to raid at all this time and complete the instance at the right stage.  Frostwolves are currently doing some more heroic bosses now and they got Iron Juggs down the other night and almost had the Dark Shamans down (15 – 5% on attempts) – so even if I never see a heroic fight – I am so happy our guild is getting back in there and perhaps they can kill the mighty Garrosh on heroic before Warlords drops!!

I would have liked to have seen the older content as well – having only done it in LFR, it would be nice to steamroll through with group (heroic maybe?) and get the achievements 🙂  One day maybe.

I also saw a post on wowinsider about the drop in subscriptions again to 7.6 million.

wow drop in subs

Honestly another 200k drop is seriously not something I am worried about, especially given they still have 7.6 million.  You have to remember this game is old.  Really really old.  There is really not much you can with it to keep making it fresh and new for people – but I think given they have spent 10 years at the top end of the MMORPG lists, they have to be doing something right.

For one month of subscriptions they bring in $1, 139, 240, 000.  I don’t even understand that figure. I don’t think they are in any way, shape or form, close to having any issues regarding the ongoing nature of this game.  Which I am completely grateful for!


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