Slowly getting there

It is a very sow grind to 25 for me, I am doing so many things wrong because I can’t bear to see my little guys die…I probably could be 25 with a pet by now if I was made of tougher stuff.

I had some time before raid to spare and so I spent the afternoon just chilling out catch rares and levelling.

At un’goro and level 15, I discovered that I now have to battle 3 pets with the massive annoyance that more than one can be a blue quality in each battle…this was horrid.  HORRID design on blizzard’s behalf to tease and torment us like that!!  I am trying to collect pets here…don’t make it harder than it already is by making multiple pets of a nice quality. It happened multiple times, so heartbreaking!

Time for a leash

I now have 2 pets at level 16 – and one almost the same level,  I don’t really have a set team at this stage, I am just switching out collected pets for each fight that have higher health – only an issue as I am farming Tanaris because goblins don’t like me so I can’t use the stable and un’goro doesn’t have any stables…so…it was mighty painful trying to conserve the 2 pet bandages I had.  I wish I could buy more of them!!  I may be able to do the next pet tamer now though and fingers crossed score some more, I have to check that out.

However all is not lost, because my capture rate is pretty high:

High Quality

Given the amount of wild battles I have done I should hope so though!!

Master pet battler

So, now I will continue onward…I am not overly far away now from level 25…surely it gets faster…LOL…fingers crossed anyway.  I need to collect so many more animals – it is such an effort to not leave a place before I have them all…I do need to go back to Tanaris as I left before I had them all as my pets had outgown the area.  By outgrown, I mean I am trying to always be in a zone that is 1-2 levels higher than my pets for better xp…it is challenging and it means they are losing heaps of health each time, so maybe it is a waste of time actually…LOL…

I can’t wait until I get to 25!

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