I cannot express my surprise at the results of this months winner for ROYGBiV competition!!!  I had been checking the site almost every day, but this week is just crazy as my wedding anniversary, birthday and husband’s birthday all fall – so our focus is pretty internal and I don’t see much about what goes on external to us.

Clearly one of them was awesome, but the other one was my horrific attempt!!  Can you believe it??

Navimie and I both won – since Thela is doing dual winners at the moment  – and I am just so excited and thankful!!  I get to pick a beta or a pet – and since i have the pet I am going to do more research into the beta game before I decide as I do love city building, and I do love MMOs…can the two be combined.

Here is the post from Thela announcing the winner for April!!

This was my original post and Navimie’s post about her outfit!

Navimie Yellow Winner!!
Navimie Yellow Winner!!




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