SQUEE post of cuteness!!!

I haven’t posted about the extra cuteness I have managed to score over the last few weeks, oh, how adorable!!  I need to spend more time farming places and bosses, but I would like to get a set before WoD comes out and no one runs the content anymore.

Farming Timeless Isle for coins – I am now sitting on almost 50k I think, so halfway to my mount and porcupine now – still deciding if I even want to attempt the PVP pet….maybe I can get a group together and we can go around like a mob and kill anything flagged :)

Sorry, tangent – whilst farming rares – this guy dropped for me!!!

Skunky Alemental

Isn’t he just adorable!!  They are such a cute design – seriously Pandaria has some of the best looking companion pets!

And during an LFR of absolutely no Runestones, I got this instead which – let’s face it….is almost edible from cuteness…I just want to nibble on the little thing.


I died just after the taking of that image – as you can tell I am poisoned and I was hanging back to take piccies instead of being with the healers 🙂  But omg those little feet and that little eye…sooo cute!!!!

Let’s hoping I get a few more – I would love to get more pets!!

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