That’s depressing :(

Whilst fiddling with my site I came across some really depressing search terms :( I have no idea why they have brought people to my blog – I am half tempted to test it out and see what the connection is.

Tell me what you think about the following couple of things?  How does my blog relate – have I made that many negative posts on here that people would be drawn to it??

hate my life search

And this poor soul:

life upsets meI really hope these individuals seek help from people they need to get help from – be that friends, family or some other help line – since I don’t know what country they are searching from – I hope their search results included a help line response number.

If all else fails – play WoW – it makes you feel better when you hack and slash horribly disfigured demons and hell beasts 🙂  It really does!!

This lead me onto looking at all my search terms – and found the following couple of funny gems in amongst the legitimate dragonray, azerothian life and mage/pally stats etc…


Not sure what my blog has to do with being a giraffe – but you can be whatever you want to be!!  Giraffes included!  Not sure what you would do in game as a giraffe – eat grass, mate and get chased by Lions if you are a cub?  I just don’t know…I can’t even fathom?

And what is even funnier is it was searched for twice….seriously?  Once wasn’t enough….you wanted to come back just to make sure it wasn’t a blog about a giraffe MMO??  You poor lost soul!

suddenly a giraffe

And this beauty which I don’t even understand :


So you are leaving and want to do a thanksgiving thing right??  You are leaving – they won’t care about you in a few months – however aside from that – what has it got to do with WoW??  heheeh

This is the best though?


Confessions cafe grande – you have have large coffee confessions?  You love coffee too much? (not possible btw).  You want to confess about some large coffee?  I don’t know how you found my blog or what you hope to find here, but it isn’t going to be coffee related – or grande!!   But it was searched for twice as well!!!  WTF?!!?  Once wasn’t enough….


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