Shared Topic: Fantasy Smart Phone

Matty has brought us this topic for the week:

Fantasy Apps!
What Smartphone/i-phone apps would your character have on their ‘fantasy phones’ Azeroth?

I wondered if I should even do this topic as I really had no idea where to begin, but as you can see, I am posting which means I did eventually come up with some ideas 🙂  I will do some character based sections as I believe that would be easier :)

All toons:

Cooking Way – cooking recipes and pictures

Battleazeroth – social media site for connecting to other friends

Stable – pets and mount care guide

Lost an Arm? – First aid and basic medical care


Alchyism – potion ingredients

Tailored tailor – patterns and materials

Portal Guide – Places and things to see and do near each portal

Weatherman – weather app to decide on frost or fire day


Ephemeris Azeroth – to determine the moon/sun times

Critical strike – skinning guide for animals, tips and tricks for smooth clean skins

Shapeshifter – funny shapeshifting images – wrong place wrong time.


ToBattle – Mercenary app for hire job

Smith my Ore – smelting and blacksmithing

Show me the armour – weapons, stats and big 2 hander weapons in development


Kinks and gears – engineering ideas and concepts

Enchantress – enchanting guide

Where is the light? – guide to the holy light of the paladins, effective use and proper appreciation.


Herbomax – Herbing guide and general uses

Leather and Chains – Leatherworking materials

Elementalist – guide to the elements

Totemcare – best way to care and keep totems clean and working properly

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