Garrosh rumble

Raiding has been an ongoing theme lately, Wednesday night is generally for the heroics so I just chill out, I normally get pulled into the next nights run to do whatever is left – generally from Juggernaut.

We have some ups and downs – sadly my DPS is the same, some nights I can pump out a great amount, other nights I can barely crack 160k…I have been closer to 200k than ever before – but I am just really trying to get these stupid runestones.  I am now on 4 in total.  I really hope the cloak will give me a much needed boost – but aside from my trinkets and a ring – my gear cannot get much better without hitting heroics/ or getting warforged.  I cannot seem to find any reason why my DPS is so lack lustre – I am following my rotation – maybe I am still moving too much and not realising it – you know the old thing of moving 6 feet instead of 2.  I shall have to pay attention to it.

I have been running LFR, only for the bosses I haven’t done with the guild,  because you only get one chance for it to drop, so I won’t do more LFR than I absolutely need to, but it is still a royal pain in the buttski.

We still wipe here and there on normals because it is basically a mish mosh of whoever is online – but overall we manage to get it done.

I even managed to score this little puppy the other night in Flex 🙂


My first heirloom, which I will send to my druid to play with. She is the only other class I have that can use it and receive benefit from – I think I was about to buy her a staff from timeless isle – this means I can keep those 20k coins 🙂  I was a little chuffed to receive it.

I have missed raiding and I have really missed being part of a team – I really wish I had been around when it began to learn all the fights with them.  It is a very different environment in farming content to learning.  This makes me excited for WoD :)

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