This never happened….NEVER!!

After my excited post about the 25 man Garrosh kill (WOOT – I am still on a high about it!!)  I was informed that I am even more of a numpty than I originally thought, there is a mount.  Yes…a mount!!!!

Can you believe it!!?!?!? I knew all along of course, I was just keeping you all in suspense.  I mean, I am certainly not a numpty – ever! I have a proven track record for always doing things correctly and without any errors or mistakes.


However when I logged back in the next day after delaying the suspense of posting about it, I found this armoured guy sitting in my journal.  I think I forget about mounts now because you never know you receive them, I prefer the old days of at least opening your mail to see the new things you win and then having to learn the actual spell/item.  It gave me a sense of ownership.


I have never been a fan of the wolf loping, so he will be relegated to the rest of the wolf pack as never to be used again, but he is very handsome and aggressive looking. The other thing, this mount did for me – which I was not expecting was :


I honestly thought I was a couple more mounts off that, but woot!  I am now sitting pretty on 151…no idea how I am going to get to 200 – honestly…I am missing a fair few profession based mounts which I could spend some time farming, and also achievement mounts from clearing content…but I just need friends willing to help with clearing old stuff and doing achievements.  I also need to buy the Anglers mounts still and all the cloud serpents!

The Jade kite isn’t as nice as the original one, imho, but it is still pretty, must be because I have a soft spot for blues and greens.


I didn’t know I even had it because I never got the achievement actually popping up to advise me, I only noticed it today when I logged onto my pally, happened to see the achievement glow and catch the last part of the notice fading from sight.


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