And the winner of week 12!!!!!

So, after burning through 12 weeks (which is incidentally 84 days!!)  and thousands of countries we have come to the final week of competition!  The judges now will sort through the hot air balloon and determine who the winner of the entire competition is!

There are also some other prizes knocking around so keep your eyes and ears open for those!!

But before we get ahead of ourselves….let’s look at the last week of outfits!  Also as a point to note, 2 outfits this week got full scores, which in total is only 3 outfits for the entire competition that knocked some judges off their seats..other judges are much harder to impress!!!

All the outfits are below in a random order, except for the last one which is the winner for week 12!

Entrant 7 Kazakhstan Week 12

Entrant 5 Kenya Week 12

Entrant 6 Qatar Week 12

Entrant 2 Finland Week 12

Entrant 3 Tanzania Week 12

Congratulations Tyledres

for this semi naked NE chick

apparently everyone loved the sexy minx!

Winner Week 12


What a fantastic final week of competition, who do you think has taken out top spot!?!??!

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