The Winner of Week 11!!!

Only one more week of this to go – I will be mighty sad when this is over, I have been stealing so many great pieces of gear for my own toons!

However all good things must come to an end, so as the judges decide on the winner for week 12 – here is the winner for week 11!  Once again, .2 of a point made the difference and just over 1 point separated the leader….this is crazy close competition!

Here are the outfits in no particular order, other than winner down the bottom again!!  Don’t scroll straight past!

Entrant 3 Barbados week11

Entrant 2 Dominica Week 11

Entrant 6 Morocco Week 11

Entrant 4 Suriname Week 11

Entrant 5 Barbados Week 11

Congratulations Syrco again!!!

For producing this flamey concoction of win!

Winner Week 11

So onward to the last week we go – who is going to be the master of this competition after this week?!?!?

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