Raiding mojo

I lost it…or misplaced it….or left it completely behind somewhere this week….not raiding for one week really kills any mojo I was building up.

We did a combined run with a guild that is looking into merging or combining or something….they seemed ok, had a fascination with kitties and licking – I won’t go into too much detail but I am sure you can all figure that one out.  They had a couple of completely filthy minds, which I loved 🙂  I of course Ninjad some images of everyone grouped up before boss pulls :)

They also had a couple of of very lovely voices on vents…I like nice voices…they don’t have to be deep like this study suggests, for me personally, but I do have a thing for voice.  Anyway, off topic :)

I sucked last night, in fact I was struggling to get above 170k consistently.  I died. A lot. on Thok – I was just in the wrong place all the damn time and getting chomped is not fun!!  Siegecrafter – I actually did fine survival wise on – funny that used to be my worst fight and now I actually understand what the hell is going on I stay alive!  Paragons was fine as always – easy peesy fight. paragons finally finally dropped my damn pants…and you know what happened….I lost them on my epic roll of 6 to someone who rolled and even more epic roll of 7.  Yes.  That was the epicness of my role.  The winner then advised he rolled on the wrong pants and someone asked for the OS and then said thanks in chat.  So i figured he had them.  In typical fashion I got annoyed – I hate loot distribution that is not fair and MS vs OS is not fair – I said it in guild as well – because I was incorrectly thinking they had just handed out the loot to the other person old school style :) .  Turns out…I am retarded…and my illustrious GL gave me the pants after the other guy said he rolled on the wrong pair.  So…I missed that bit of text as my chat window had scrolled well up from there after the event.

Anyway after feeling like a right royal twat for about 1 minute, and people then telling me to check my bags – and blaming my alcohol intake on my ability to function coherently, I found my pants!!  **Point to note I was not actually drunk raiding last night!!  and I don’t generally drunk raid…just a couple of times I have…I would say less than 30% of my raid time is spent drunk…i swear!! My guild won’t believe me – but I swear it is true!  I am also now terrified that my stupidity will be immortalized in a faily frostwolf comic and that terrifies me beyond imagining….but you know….that is the life of a stupid person!!  HAHHAH.

We then prepped for the monster man!  Butthole of the century.  Dickwad of the moronic!  yeah….what other names do you have for Garrosh???


Garrosh – we killed you.  In NORMAL!!!  Do you know what that means!!  I can die happy.


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