I am coming for you….

Stupid Pandaria Cooking…stupid obsession for having things maxxed out on my mage…stupid vegetables…yes….all stupid!!  However after spending another couple of thousand gold I am finally making headway into the cooking!

Stupidly (seems to be the word today), I forgot about using the DMF to get 5 points until my hubby reminded me and since the last one I have been doing the SW daily cooking quest to level instead of making the required food.

Zen cooking

Yes…that is everything I have been working towards…Finally!!  But not one to stop when I am having a good day, I managed to get the following as well :

Way of the Oven




Way of the Brew

Way of the pot

And sometime after getting that done, I realised how close I was and decided to get this little gem because I was dying to get rid of that quest for making a best friend on my farm.

Gina mudclaw

Sadly, she doesn’t actually do anything useful, I was hoping she would you know..actually work on my farm :p

Either way, I have a few more to go, I need to do some fishing and stockpile some more money 🙂  But I have maxxed cooking in my sights!

5 Replies to “I am coming for you….”

  1. I haven’t done much of the tillers stuff. So the friendship with the individual NPCs has no use, other than something to do?
    That’s a bit lame 🙁

    Congrats on all your achievements though!

    1. In truth, I don’t really know just yet…I am hoping they do something more than nothing…because it will suck trying to get Best friends with them all for absolutely nothing in return! I will let you know when I get another to best friends…or maybe one of the other OCD rep farming people could advise?

  2. I’ve been trying to max some of my stuff too on my lock – I just got my cooking to like 535 or something in an hour and I was stoked… though my priest did have golden carp and stuff already since she is or is nearly max level cooking already. I also just got cloud serpent on my lock, since she is now my official main I want her to be able to actually fly my mounts!

    1. It is still pretty cool to level your professions to max 🙂 Congrats on the effort!!! At least the cloud serpent dailies aren’t too bad..they are easy to get through…and no one is farming the eggs which helps !!

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