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So, I wanted to know if I am the only one reading the warcraft books/comics or if there are others out there for the shared topic this week from Blog Azeroth.

I managed to get my hands on almost every single book and comic (including short stories) for Warcraft and I have only just started to read them. I have spent more time trying to find an actual chronoclogical order of reading, than actually reading, but they all seem to be different. I am at the point now where I am just treating them all as single stories and trying to just read them as such.

I started with “Rise of the Horde” – loved it, I wanted it to go on much longer, reading about Durotan and Ogrim was so cool and obviously where the cities names came from (although the time line doesn’t go that far) and Durotan is Thrall’s father which makes it even more awesome.  I wish that book had a few more.

I then read the 5 books that form the Dawn of the Aspects, which was about the dragon aspects, so any book involving dragons had me hook, line and sinker.  It is about Galakrond and how the aspects became the aspects – Ysera, Nozdormu, Malygos, Nelfarion and Alexstrasza – it is pretty spectacular reading learning how they started out.  They are the guardians of Azeroth – everything stems from that book and it is both heartbreaking and inspiring.  I and am currently reading the first of 3 books for the War of the Ancients Trilogy, which as far as I can tell is about the first time the Burning legion attacked Azeroth and the Well of Eternity – I just keep imagining the instance whilst I am reading the novel.  I also started reading Vol’jin, but it wasn’t gripping me, so I left it and will pick it up later.

I have so many books left to read, plus the comics – I may be reading them for the next few months, but it is so awesome to know the names and places that are being referred to and then understand the characters more – like the complete back story being revealed.  There is something very enjoyable about it.  I can’t wait to get through more of the content!  If you haven’t read any of the novels, I suggest you do, it really does help flesh out the stories and motives of people and events.

I love this world, Azeroth, and so reading the novels brings more of it to life for me especially when I can’t be playing.  I can still be in the world reading and imagining the areas and feeling like I am in game. Go and get yourselves copies today! You won’t regret it!!


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  1. The books are amazing. The Christie Golden stuff in particular I really enjoy…save for Tides of War. Too many tropes for my taste and didn’t take Jaina as far as I would’ve liked.

    I haven’t read any of the comics/manga, though I’m familiar with many of the stories. As someone who loves the lore, the books are a must.

    1. I have always liked the story behind WoW, but have never really felt the desire to read the history because I always thought it was well explained in the actual game….how wrong was I!??!?!!? I almost wish I had read them all already…I am dying to get more reading time 🙂

  2. I’ve read the first two stories in “The War of The Ancients” book and they were great. Getting to read how Neltharion became so twisted he transformed into the aspect of death from a small coin (It was a coin talking to him, right?) was so interesting!
    The lore of this game is amazing.

    1. It is completely immersive as well, I am up to a part that has only really just revealed the start of his paranoia/madness, so I can’t be surprised about a coin doing it yet 🙂 But I am sure you will know when I start freaking out :p So far, the burning legion have only just come through the gates and killed everyone out the front…I am not much past that 🙂 GAHHH i need to get paid to read!!

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