55 reputations and Jurassic park!

I cannot believe I managed to get to 55 exalted reps! The black prince got me over the line!!


I am still miles away for any of the others I am trying to get to exalted, now I just need to start collecting some valor points. I only need another 2000 of them! Everything is a slow build in this game 🙂

I also found out, finally, what Jurassic park was. I have seen so many people talk about dinosaurs and the park I was starting to get really annoyed by not having any bleeping idea what anyone was talking about. I finally found it and died a few times roaming it, but was pretty excited to finally see it? White raptor….I am coming for you now!

We were supposed to go to a flexi raid tonight but it didn’t happen but hopefully I will get to do one this weekend if time is permitting! Blizzard should offer a cheap option for moving multiple toons as it is so expensive, we are being really careful about our decisions. I am itching to raid again though….really itching!

I am also on the hunt for a podcast to listen to, nothing wrong with the multitude out there, but they are mostly US based which makes it hard for me to want to get involved. I can’t go to live shows or get involved because of time zones and I wish there were some oceanic podcasts, so far I have only found bind on equip, and I really struggled to get through the last episode of that. Anyone else have some thoughts, I have some leads from my question on twitter so I have to download some and give them a go.

Sorry for the mixed post there, but I felt I needed to share it 🙂

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  1. I don’t know of any other Aussie podcasts for straight WoW talk either. So many are based in North America that it is sometimes odd to hear our tang accent.

    With such a gap in the “market” a few aussie folks could put a podcast on.

    1. Yeah, and look the US ones are great, but it just makes it hard time wise to get involved, we may not even have enough aussies interested in listening…Well then off you go Typhoon – start up a podcast!! LOL I am certain I don’t have the technical skills to pull it off and I am sure people don’t want to hear me prattle on about achievements, pets, blogs and random crap 🙂

        1. Whaaaa?? It couldn’t’ possibly take that long??? There has to be a faster/better way…but now you have me intrigued and I will investigate how one does it…hahhah…if you would love to do it…that solves half the problem…what would you talk about – just WoW?

          1. I guess a day is taking into account the time to record, the prep/research time, editing, posting, and “working’ the community. I know that Scott from the Instance used to spend a heap of time doing that show when he started, but they probably have it down to a much smoother and shorter process now.

            There are two ways I’ve heard about recording- first is to record everything at one point using a mixer (to bring in and level multiple audio channels). When I spoke on the Twisted Nether podcast I just used Skype, so they must have been doing this approach. It is friendlier for guests.

            The second is to get each show participant to record locally, then combine those files. The files are sync’ed using regular cut points in the show so that they don’t go too far out of sync. The second option needs less gear, but is harder work. I stopped researching at that point as it seemed plausible and the software to mix/level was confusing.

            Given my short attention span I’m sure I’d end up talking about all sorts of non-wow stuff too. Rpg tabletop games, movies, and all sorts. I’m not playing enough wow to be generating 30 mins of real audio material weekly.

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