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One of the things I missed the most about not playing wow, was the blogging community and BA with their shared topics.  Getting to read multiple blogs, find new ones and make new friends was not something I did as it just made my addiction harder to ignore.  So after a couple of weeks of playing and settling back into the game, I decided it was finally time to jump back on the forums and see where it was up to.

I was devastated to see that it was sort of dead…not many shared topics being done or many new posts…so…thankfully I am still a mod, so had some ability to go crazy :p  I have added some shared topics, in the hopes of sparking some imagination in others, so far I don’t want to have each week something I have posted, so please please please please please add some more so I can put them in between mine!!!

I also went ahead and created a FB page for BA…it may help keep people more up to date rather than going to forums, only because so many people are on FB all the time now anyway.  I am wondering if moving to a FB group might even be a possibility…??  For the moment, I just want to get the community more active again and see if we can’t get it hopping.

Facebook for Blog Azeroth

Please, if you love blogging and The Twisted Nether Blogcast, share the FB page, like it, comment on posts and add some shared topics to the main forums please!!  Let’s get involved with each other again!!!

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  1. What a great idea to make a Fb page! I just went ahead and liked it. I also can’t wait to blog about some of the Shared Topics. In fact, I’ll probably work on one today! It’s great to see Blog Azeroth getting a little more life back into it!

    1. Thanks Velgana, Start putting some suggestions up there, I suck at thinking of topics, so I put a hole bunch up, but I want others that can replace mine :p hehehe
      I can’t wait to get more activity happening again! Spread the word!!

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