First couple of days back in game

WoW!!  (no pun intended)

Can you say crazy?!  Gimme a C, gimme an R, gimme an A…well you get the idea!


I logged on and had an immediate deluge of “OMFGWTFBBQ!?!?” messages – it was kind of nice.  There are a few people on my friends list that are there because of the “Starstruck” phenomenon that I started a while back and maybe after a few days I will summon the courage to message them and see if they remember the crazy fan they had 🙂

I basically spent last night and tonight reacquainting myself with my toons and changing servers and moving gear and emptying bags…I discovered that due to my complete obsession with transmogging I have no bag, bank or void storage space 🙂 This is a problem when wanting to move factions.  Speaking of factions, I scored this puppy with the faction change…bit of a cheat there, but I will take it :p

double agent

(Tangent – I wonder if mogging comps are still around – comment with sites if you know – I am still keen I think!)

I also did the one thing I had been one day off finishing when we stopped playing! WOOT!!  I have, as you can imagine, hundreds of pictures already of me riding the gorgeous beast!  More pics to come I am sure!!

Cloud serpent achievement

I also somehow managed to sneak into the window for this little gem:

9th anniversary

Which means, I have been online for all of them except the 8th anniversary.  I have all the achievements since the 4th one….which I think is pretty neat, shame I only missed one, I should have used a free 7 days or something and just logged in for it.  LOL

Sadly all my mods are out of date so I have to update them which means no achievement screenies at the moment, only armory pics 🙂

So after first night in I have a few achievements (which always boosts the love) and I have friends who remember me (which boosts the love to epic proportions) and most importantly I have my Mage back in all her draenai beauty!!!

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