Is there anybody out there?

So much for me not coming back….I would say 12 months is a fairly solid time frame for not playing though 🙂

I am back and debating if I want to start blogging again, by me posting this, I am pretty sure you know my answer on that front.

We picked up the sub again on 30/11/013.

I am excited!

6 Replies to “Is there anybody out there?”

    1. Thanks for the positive!! heheh I am waiting for one of my smarty pants friends to comment something like “oh gawd noooo!!!!”

      Definitely going to do it for myself, there is something fun about looking back over posts and remembering all the excitement of events 🙂

      I have been taking screenies whenever I can and you can certainly expect a whole bunch of back dated posts over the coming days…almost a fortnight is a huge amount of time in game!

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