So far in 5.0.4

Kill me!!!! KILL ME NOW!!!

I had about 3 hours to play with 5.0.4 before I went away for the weekend, suffice it to say I am now a week behind everyone else who has been playing and re-learning their classes. Also having the time to read up about their changes etc.

Let’s start with my mage – it’s screwed. I stuck with arcane just for the hell of it, and I think I understand my rotation, but I can’t perform it. Things light up and I get distracted and hit them when I shouldn’t and it is all just bad. I am also trying to figure out this one spell that seems to last about 15 seconds and I keep needing to re-apply on the mob…I don’t get it…just yet.

I have yet to try fire or frost, as my gear was weighted for Arcane, I may play with the other styles to just see which suits me better. My fingers are crossed for frost, I want my water elemental!!

My Druid: I am loving the changes to boomy so far that I have figured out with the brief time I have played. We have stuff we can do whilst moving that isn’t pointless, and we seem to moving phases with eclipse much faster because of those changes. It is much nicer now and doesn’t feel as restrictive. I love the armoured boomy and the stag as well, awesome! I don’t play resto, but I do adore seeing the original trees around again – I do have a soft spot for the old tree style πŸ™‚

My Pally: I have not even logged into yet for fear. Hubby has been tanking on his pally and I can see the changes he is having to deal with. I would not say he is struggling now, but he is certainly having to deal with a lot of changes. It has scared me off a little bit as I really do enjoy tanking and I would hate for it to be borked now.

My Warrior: Refer above. A few people have already told me that warriors have less cooldowns now and I am dreading having to sift through it all. Warriors are my favourite tanking class and I would be devastated to log in and find I don’t want to tank on him anymore. I will attempt to log onto my two tanks this weekend.

My Shammy: I got as far as selecting my talents and then had to do some 5 mans on my mage. So I have really got no idea what changes have been made to the rotations etc, I did briefly look through the glyphs but didn’t really get a chance to go much further than that. I am going to set her up with a resto spec when I get some time to play with her, hopefully this week. I am not overly worried though since my shammy is not one of my main toons.

To make matters worse, I finally got rid of Dominoes – the bar mod, because it was pissing me off in PVP. It would dislike my mouse and just not register the clicking and so was causing me havoc in survivability. Losing that though, has meant my bars and spells are all over the shop anyway because of the changes to the trees – PLUS the bar mod moving them around.

All in all, my toons are all in a massive mess and I just need a couple of nights to sort them all out.

We are trying to get the guild levelled since they have taken away the xp limits, so I am not really getting a chance to do much else but run dungeons for the xp. I would like to get my mage to exalted though so that is helping as well. I need to start doing some dailies again – I need more money for MoP.

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  1. Best thing I can tell you, re: the classes you haven’t tried, is to reserve judgment on the warrior and paladin until you actually get your hands on them. I went into 5.0.4 cold as far as the warrior goes, and I am having all kinds of big fun playing him.

    Active mitigation and rage generating abilities are certainly a different feel, but it’s cool to feel like I control my destiny more as far as how well he survives. And there are some great major glyphs and fun talents for that spec.

    I haven’t played my pally, but my girlfriend is tanking on hers and has been enjoying it a lot. I think once things settle down, you’ll enjoy playing both of yer tanksters. πŸ™‚

    1. I have quite a few people tell me pallies are broken, and that scares me. I don’t want to not love my pally as a tank πŸ™‚

      I would be devastated.

      You have given me some hope though, so I may try it tonight!

      1. I asked her again; she feels like, if anything, she can survive at least as easily, and she can use Shield of the Righteous quite a bit more often which is fun. I read a blue post where GC said he was thinking of nerfing pallies, dks and monks because they were a little OP compared to warrs and bears, but instead decided to buff warrs and bears because he liked how those other three classes were performing. Hopefully you find both of your tanks to be fun and very playable when you log in to them! πŸ™‚

        1. That is fantastic to hear, thanks for asking her again πŸ˜€ I shall attempt some LFD’s tonight perhaps and test it out. Report will be written up tonight!

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