End of the Mogolympics

The Olympics have come to an end! Check out my page for all my outfits!

I was amazed at the oufits people put in and have found some new items I am going to have to try and find, then replicate outfits.

Overall I won a silver medal for my hammer throw design and I was so ecstatic to even have been considered for a medal.

Silver medal winner!

I also came close on another outfit, but overall I was thrown out of the packs pretty early 🙂

I think the judges must have had a horrible time trying to sort through over 40 entries for each event, I think they did a fantastic job sticking with it.

I guess the thing with transmog is it is a very personal thing, the outfits I preferred were generally earlier on in the events, and didn’t make it very far into the placings.  However I was having fun trying to guess who did what outifts based on their own personal styles 🙂

Overall, it was fantastic, and I think everyone had a great time doing it and participating in the event.  I am jealous that my outfits didn’t win every single event – except for my discus event which even I thought sucked!  I am also jealous that I didn’t get to judge them either…HAAHHA !!  cake and eat it syndrome I know 🙂

JD has even created an entire website dedicated to all the outfits – it will be updated over time so be sure to keep checking it out 🙂

This was one of the most exciting things I have ever done in the community, and I have amazed myself at how insane I got about checking websites for updates, and comparing all the outfits and just drooling over shields, headpieces, weapons…words can not express how awesome this was 🙂

Thanks everyone who was involved with this. You are all awesome.

2 Replies to “End of the Mogolympics”

  1. I’m honestly and truly glad you enjoyed it. It’s funny you talk about how outfits did and how it’s interpretation and I agree completely. I’ll actually be posting about the subject in a couple of days, but it was interesting to score each event myself…then start to pull in the votes of the other judges and watch how it swayed in certain ways. Some we were on the same page and others we weren’t even close.

    1. Sorry I haven’t responded to comments, I have been yucky and the thought of having to respond was just hard 🙂

      Yeah I can imagine the scores would have been great to see individually by judge, and it is hard to be eloquent about disagreeing only because you don’t want to invalidate the judges or the contestants that won.

      I liked your post though, and I think the website you are putting up will be awesome for those involved so they can see it as well.

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