Catching up…slowly

I was away last weekend from Thursday to Monday night, and missed a whole bunch of stuff like transmog events and such.

I am slowly catching up, but it will take a few days I think, I am trying to set up some posts and I was halfway through a shared topic that I didn’t get to post, the one about head cannon, and it was such a long winded waffly post, I may just post it anyway!  Yeah I am a rebel!

I have no idea what I missed on twitter, and I am not going to go backwards through it all!!

I only remember last night to check my friends requests in game and had about 16 spam messages…really?!?!  SPAM!!!?  I was amazed!!  No I don’t want to be your friend and buy gold. PISS off Xhygsh!  LOL

I hope everyone is well and I will try and catch up on blogs when I can, hugs and kisses!

4 Replies to “Catching up…slowly”

  1. Welcome back to the chaos! 😀

    Over the years I’ve developed a ‘no rollbacks’ policy on the social feeds- LiveJournal, Facebook, G+, and Twitter go by so fast it’s impossible to backtrack if you’re gone for more than a few days. :p (Blog are easier since I can skim the post titles)

    I’m still not used to the fake friend requests either, I keep thinking they might be real and it’s frustrating when they turn out to be spam. You’d think Blizz would be smart enough at this point to just kill anything that mentions gold or leveling. *mutters*

    Hmm, I wonder if it’s possible to write an add-on that automatically reports the folks in General and the friend requests…

    1. Thanks for the welcome back..chaos is definitely the right word for it 🙂

      I agree with your no rollback policy, i went away from twitter the other day for just under an hour, and it said I had 252 new tweets.. dumfbfounded!!!

      I can’t believe how much spam this game has in general. It just boggles my mind!

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