Transmogolympics: Javelin

The Javenlin transmogs are out!



Congratulations to the winners again, seems there were a couple of ties for places and althoughI got close to a medal I was far enough off to be crushed by the competition 🙂  My page updated as usual!

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  1. Hey, we used the same polearms! I like the paladin shoulders you used with it.

    Personally, I don’t get this set being the winner, that polearm doesn’t make any sense. It’s a completely different red, and I am totally bugged by it :/

    1. Great minds think alike you know 🙂 I did see my polearm in there on another toon, your outfit was pretty nice, it is an awesome polearm for colours I think.

      LOL I have been bugged by a few of the medal winners in each competition, but it is all about preference of the judges, so who am I to argue. I am just having great fun stealing transmog ideas off everyone :p

      1. Thanks 🙂

        I don’t envy the judges one bit in this comp. Having guest judged a WoW Factor show, I know that my personal preferences are open to interpretation by others for sure. Also, putting a number on someone else’s work is tough. But, yeah I just like seeing what everyone else comes up with too.

        1. Exactly!! It would be avery tough job with so many different ideas being thrown out there 🙂

          I am just trying to really get people to understand though that, even if they didn’t place or got knocked out early, other people will love what they came up with.

          I know for every event so far my picks are not ones that came close to getting medals, but I know I will be trying them out on my toons because they are what I like.

          For me, this was about a theme and having something to transmog for. This was an awesome competition, and I really hope people aren’t too upset if they don’t get a medal at all. I would wan to hug them if that was the case!

        2. I am intrigued by the WoW factor show as well, I think it would be awesome fun!!! You are a braver person than I for judging the transmogging!! LOL

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