More PVP :)

So, we are doing some more PVP lately in a group of about 5 of us, I would love to get 10 together and do some rated bg’s.  But honestly I don’t know how it all works and I don’t have enough friends to fill a 10 man team at the same time!

However my mage has just over 1100 resilience now and I have enough points to get my head slot item.  I am trying to build my conquest points for the sword I want, but you know…that is a long haul. I don’t know how people do this and nothing but 🙂

My reporting and ignoring features have been getting very active in PVP I have to admit, they say some very nasty stuff!!

I am still getting some achievements, by accident, but I certainly don’t mind them popping up 🙂

I was in the most awesome EOTS match as well, we capped the flag the entire match.  As in, we would drop it, it spawned, we capped.  We did it about 13 times or something, it was awesome.

I have been surviving better and actually managing to kill people before they kill me – something unheard of before, however this is the first time I have had more than 2 pieces of PVP gear.

Because the five of us are DPS, i decided to try healing on my pally…bad bad bad bad bad bad mistake.  I haven’t tried healing since we transferred, and all my macros were gone, my raid frames were not showing out of range properly and I had no buttons on my bars.  It was horrific!!!  However, I was enjoying myself immensely – there is a certain satisfaction with running past someone engaged in battle and throwing them some heals so they can kill their opponent.  I was going to fix my UI last night – but shutdown was early so that put a crimp in…I will try and do that tonight before ICC 🙂

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  1. PvP can be a LOT of fun once you have some resilience. 🙂 Great to see one more person catch the bug!

    I’m missing rateds too. Maybe you can try though it’s a lot more fun if all ten people are friends.

    1. I have looked at all the cross realm sites, the most recently about 2 months ago, but none of them have oceanic options and I am not really able to get up at 3am for some PVP or raids 🙂

      So until they fix that basic option I am stuck to calling out on the blogsphere 🙂 I think I do have the bug actually, although I hate hate hate hate the capture the flag things – WSG and twin peaks..they are the ones we tend to win the most 🙂

    1. Yeah, it’s a little exciting to see cool achievements come up 🙂 I mean cool and not just the boring ones like damage control and stuff. Grats to you as well for yours!

  2. Navi has a gang of pvpers in her Oceanic guild. I sometimes stay up late to catch them (or they stay up late) but yeah, totally recommend getting hold of her. She’s a wicked good healer too.

    1. Yeah, they always seem to be starting as I am finishing…or they never invite me 🙁 LOL. But it is frustrating you can’t queue with more then 5 people, we generally have about 6 of us that PvP together 🙂

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