Making friends and warm fuzzy feelings!

I need to start this off my saying I am not great at making friends in person, online though; I am not nervous or shy. I think the benefits of essentially being unknown is that you can take a few moments to compose responses or think of witty responses to things.

Most people would consider me an extrovert, however I consider myself an introvert until I really feel comfortable in the company.

I have been blogging since 2009 about WoW and really, I made very little attempt at making friends or getting out there in the blogosphere for fear of rejection or ridicule.  Anyway once I decided to put myself out there and just start talking to people no matter how dumb I felt, I found an entire new world of basically very very lovely people.  One being Navimie.  Anyway, you all know how beautiful she is,  recent experiences have shown how much you all love/appreciate/enjoy her.

A few weeks ago, Navimie jumped online and I as usual, asked who she was spamming today.  Anyway I can’t remember who it was at the time – it is irrelevant, but it had something to do with Rades.  She then gushed about Rades for a few minutes and I have to confess here, I had read the comic strip a few times and so knew the name, but I had not really been past his own blog.  Don’t hate me :p

Anyway,  the brilliance of my idea hit me when she said that.  I can’t believe she would be chicken to talk to anyone (I mean honestly, she is probably realid friends with people that would freak me the hell out like Akabeko!)….and since I have very little shame, I knew I could talk to Rades and beg a favour.

So I emailed him. Simple.  Then I waited a couple of days. Nothing. Then I got Stalker on his arse! I emailed him directly via his blog.  Yeah, I am impatient when I want something to happen. (Don’t get me started on the suspense for my chibis which is currently killing my refresh button on my email!!)

He was lovely, and agreed immediately to doing something like running a dungeon, wondering if we could get Kamalia or Akabeko in…I was a little dumbfounded to be honest and I had no idea what to say to that. I probably would have feinted if I had been in a run with either one of those two, to just chat with and take screenies with.  Nope. I could not have done it.

Since the emailing between me and Rades, I had been trying my arse off to get them free at the same time, Navimie would come online and be in a PVP match before i could even type a hello to her.  I was beginning to feel that it was never going to happen and then, one magical moment happened and it was all coming together.  Until Rades said he need 2 more minutes….I freaked out completely…knowing what Navimie was like, keeping her standing around for 2 minutes without doing something was not going to be easy.  I restrained myself though and waiting for Rades to say he was ready.  Longest 2 minutes of my life!!  LONGEST!!

But then!!

When she jumped into the instance, I whispered her and said “Check out his name!”  Well I think that was the next 10 minutes of whispers covered – in caps.  I think we both were screaming 🙂  I was excited for her and hoping like hell she wasn’t going to be mad at me for throwing her into the deep end of the Ironwall Dam 🙂

Rades spent far too much time trying to get his proc to happen, and sadly, Navi was showing off her butt, but I snapped a picture of the ginormous hunter!!!  My teeny tiny toon was an accurate representation of how I felt being amongst this company!!

By far the coolest moment, was Rades pulling out pets and I had figured something like a name change was going to happen, but you know..thats immense!!

I loved his owls – infact , I have been chasing owls on my hunter so when he pulled those out I was squealing at home about the pretties…hubby thought i was nutso :p  Anyway, I knew the ravager was Navi straight off, but I am not a fan of them in general, they freak me out a little bit too be honest – remind me of big spider bugs with less legs, so I was voting for owls.  Either of them!!  LOL

When he changed the name to Neganavi I was like OMFG!!!!  and Navi barely even made a comment about it…so i whispered her incase she was not paying attention and well yeah, names weren’t even on.  I was floored.  FLOORED!!  So I took a piccie and peddlfeet decided he had to photobomb. Rades just changed his pet name – OH.MY.GOD!  My hunter pet names, are generally very important to me, I thought it was an immense honour!

Just because I love my rainbow trinket 🙂 I now wish i could get the trinket that Rades had with the pally that bubble hearths!!  No longer in game though 🙁  I WANT ONE!!!  It was beyond awesome!!

In the end we spent about 30 minutes together I think, lots of screaming in whispers and me making a complete dick of myself in chat because I had no idea what to say.  I was waiting to post this until Navi posted hers as it was her present, but I had to fill in the backstory :p but I hope she liked her time with him and I can at least be happy in having opened up a channel of communication for her 😀 I still have warm fuzzy feelings about it.

8 Replies to “Making friends and warm fuzzy feelings!”

  1. OMG I never want to forget it, it was like, AMAZING. 10 minutes of:
    <3 Dragonray, you have made me SO SO SO Happy! It will be the warm fuzzy feeling of the year. Thank you, again from the bottom of my heart.

    1. I love those whispers, haha. High-five Dragondray for the thoughtfulness and sneakiness of setting this up! It was a delight to hang out and chat – this is probably one of my favorite blog-related memories, to be honest!

    1. Well you know how it is, it is nice to give to friends when it really doesn’t cost you anything except some time and laughs 🙂 eheh

  2. OMG! I realize that being on vacation followed by being on the other side of the world makes it hard to hang in game, but if you message me we can totes plan to run a dungeon or hang in game or something! I would be completely floored to interact with bloggers in game 8D

    1.…sure thing Akabeko 🙂 I err sure! Sorry really am just speechless incase I say something completely uncool and make you run screaming from my blog…sort of like that… :/

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