Green eyed monster :)

We cleared the rest of DS last night, overall was a pretty smooth run, one new person in that hadn’t seen the fights, but quick explanations later and we were done.

We wiped on ultraxion and one madness (at 8%). Grrr! We did pretty good dps as well, I am still disappointed with my output and really struggling to find the issue. I do wonder if I am comparing my expected figures to those wearing heroic gear too much again?

I don’t know though, simulationcraft says I should be able to hit 27k as an average player on a light movement fight….with most buffs, on ultraxion I wasn’t hitting that and that’s a no movement fight. I am a pathetic mage I think, perhaps I really should consider switching to tanking come mop if there is room. We shall see though.

However the mount dropped off madness and I didn’t win 🙁 I was completely devastated!!!! The person who tends to win 98% of all random mount drops won it 🙂 incidentally my best friend! She wouldn’t even sell for 10k !

Anyway it was pretty awesome to have even seen it drop, so we got everyone onto flying mounts and took a photo which I will put up on the guild website tonight!! Grats to her though 🙂 very very exciting!!!! (even though I am still insanely jealous) hehe

The conversation had me quite disturbed through the entire night though – it was very XXX rated !! Funny as hell, but evidence that gutter minds can still have a laugh without being completely disgusting!

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