PVPing again

We did some more PVP tonight and I was enjoying myself again 🙂

The last one was Twin Peaks and it was horrible…Badan and Gankfest….my personal death machines basically spent the entire match killing me.  And i mean repeatedly.  I officially hate warriors and rogues – in that order.

However that was just my bad luck, I met a holy pally who had the most incomprehensible name but we are realid friends now so we can do some PVP together.  I was trying to save him as much as he was trying to save me.  It didn’t work so well, but hey he is from Barth and I have never been on a PVP server 😀

So anyway here are the battle read outs so you can see how badly i sucked.  I mostly defended flags and was quote happy with my ability to kill a couple of them 🙂

My resilience is at 799 or something and I only have like 3 pieces of PVP gear, but I have gemmed some of my duplicate PVE gear with some resilience, as an interim measure until I get enough honour points.

I also didn’t realise I had never done PVP on my mage since the achievement system? I find that odd as I am pretty sure I did some….at some point!


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