Heroic BoT…wow (and other (drama) stuff)

The plan we have in mind is to kill Sinestra before MoP drops.  An easy enough thing to say on paper…blog…you know what I mean, not so easy in action.

Last night we went into DS to kill DW as we missed him last week, can i say butt kicked.  I thought it would take me longer to get pugs and blah blah.  Anyway, we were done in about 20 minutes.

Let’s take a few moment to talk about the drama of the night though 🙂

One of our healers didn’t show up again, third raid in a row – even after both the GM and myself trying to talk him with no responses – the GM booted him. No stuffing about in this guild it would seem, and I like that 😀  Long story short, he was never online and when he was he would never respond to direct questions or indirect, he never answered whispers and he never showed up for raid – or even to do 5 mans etc with guildies.  Hubby is serious about this guild being focused and wanting focused players.

Which leads me onto Heroic BoT.  Ouch is all I can say.  We didn’t even get Halfus 80% down, infact we barely got one drake down before people were dying all over the shop.   I think in total we did about 8 attempts, and by the last 2 we were getting one drake down and only losing one of the tanks…so we were improving.

I was loving it to be honest.  Finally something challenging again, something to make us think and attempt to work as a team.  I found it fun.  We had about half the raid though with no experience in there at all, so we may just go and o it normal next week, so people can see the fights and know what is supposed to happen then try heroic again in a couple of weeks.

I have to give kudos to the guilds who can get this stuff down within the first few months with no gear.  I know they have generally done the fights already in the PTR or BETA, so it isn’t like they are seeing it for the first time on live, but it is still impressive.  I wanted to keep going last night, at least for a few more attempts to see if we could do it better.

Time prevented us from doing it though 🙁

However these attempts just really pushed into my mind how focused people have to be to actually do heroics.  By focused I mean, not just saying after the first 3 attempts,  “screw this lets do normal I don’t want to wipe anymore”. You have to be able and willing to just push through the wiping…also not one of the issues I have ever had…I like the wiping as much as the killing – providing we are wiping on a challenge and not because people decide to do stupid things.  If your immediate thought is to call it quits, this is not going to be the guild for you.  We are only planning on raid 2 days a week, which means you need to be on the fucking ball pushing yourself to pay attention, not afk or stay dead and to actually push with us. I guess time will tell on the guildies who want it.

Of course the other thing that put me into a rough mood before we started was the negativity surrounding doing old content…I really cannot explain how much it annoys me when people say they don’t want to do something because it isn’t current.  I would rather they just say they are unavailable.  I am sure it is just as annoying for those people to consider going to old content – but no one is asking them to – just offering the raid time – they can choose not to sign up.

And for just a little more guild intrique, I have been chatting to another GM on our server of a guild who is recruiting as well and he was telling me about someone in our guild that used to be in his guild. The story he gave me was not nice, in fact, was downright disturbing, however this guildie has given us no reason to act upon the previous GM’s information.  We just have to watch this person closely and should anything come to light, we know that because of previous history there can be very little leniency.

In fact yesterday was just a bad day overall, because I was also trying to explain that as a tank you shouldn’t worry about gemming/enchanting for stam, instead worry about avoidance and mastery. To which I was basically told i was wrong, because people (forums, I assume) say you should get X amount of stam.  I am not disputing the need for a good stam pool, but at our gear levels, which are not heroic raid gear levels, you sacrifice some stam to have better avoidance.  I shut up after the first bit of discussion because it made me annoyed that after having 2 tanks as main alts over the years I have been playing, I apparently know nothing.  What annoyed me even further was that later someone else said the same thing as me, almost to the word and was agreed with.

Anyway, I think I have carried on like a baby for long enough 🙂

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    1. I would never write anything bad about you, except maybe that I believe you poop rainbows and candy?? HAHAH

      Actually I just made myself really disturbed!!!

  1. The problem with gemming for stam etc is that people are just blindly following what top 10 guilds are doing – when those tanks are doing fights like Madness HC where you’ve got unblockable spell damage all over the show, and they’ve still got good avoidance because they know what they’re doing. Whereas the average forumgoer is just cargo-culting. >.<

    Fun fact: t11 hc was never nerfed along with normal. That actually makes it about as hard as HC firelands or more so in places. My guild's also been pushing for Sinestra this week, and even so we bypassed Council on normal difficulty. 2-healing Halfus, we put out around 29/33k hps over the fight, mostly as burst in the beginning. It's a scary fight. I want to know how people did this back in the day…

    1. Yeah I was advising the raid group that this is not nerfed, we are not buffed, this is how it is was back then, so pull up and push it out. I think the sense of entitlement with some people makes heroics hard for them to get into because you have to spend nights wiping…weeks wiping…anyone remember Sindragosa or Lich King? They were weeks of work, and months in some cases!

      I know what you mean about the stam thing, I have geared 2 tanks – pally and warrior, so i sort of figure I have done enough research on both to know what I need to get done, it just annoys me when people don’t listen to advice when clearly they have more knowledge. GAHHHH!!! LOL

      1. We didn’t get Sinestra down this week, btw. (well, unless we pull an emergency raid tonight to try for her… EU realms reset on wednesdays.)

        Unsolicited advice: be careful of the orbs, they seem very touchy and the spawn timers aren’t exact. *Any* aggro affecting abilities (including mirror images for the mages out there) will bug them, and DBM doesn’t pick the link targets up properly, so your raid *will need to keep their eyes open*. Don’t rely on addons.

        Pushing with t13 DPS may well result in add spawns at inconvenient times. This can be problematic when a dragon shows up and both of your tanks are somehow sitting with Shadow Spit stacks.

        The add that shows up from the back – Spitecaller, I think – does massive ticking percentage damage to the entire raid if it finishes its cast and can’t be interrupted by conventional means, but a Death Grip or Psychic Scream will work. Not sure about Blind or Scatter Shot, since we didn’t have a rogue or hunter. Cast time on Howl of Terror and Fear are too long. Yes, this add deserves its own paragraph.

        This is the most execution-dependent fight in an execution-dependent tier. Well worth the time, though. Good luck. 😀

        1. LOL thanks for the luck…we have to get any bosses down in heroic before we get to her, but I have flagged your comment for reference when we get to her 🙂

          I do hope we get there…I just have to keep pushing the masses. Good luck on you guys getting her down – you have to let me know when it happens!!

          1. We didn’t get our shot last night due to people being unavailable. V.sad since I’m on honeymoon for the next 2 weeks-ish, and it’s unlikely the guild will get it in that time. (well, they might, but they’ll be making up for 2 competent spots down.)

          2. Awww. I am sure you will have more fun on your honeymoon anyway 😀 Grats on the wedding!!

  2. Mate, I found this post very frustrating. A guild member who clearly has no conception of how to behave in a guild, or worse still doesn’t care. Fruit who roll and alt and have a passing knowledge of a class handing out free advice that is just wrong.

    I love ElitistJerks simply because everything they write is based on the mechanic of the class and maths. if you have an opinion you better be able to math it out or those guys will rip you to shreds and hand out a posting ban for your stupidity. This is what they say about Warriors: “Your first priority when gearing up is to ensure that you have enough health to survive unavoidable burst damage…So be sure not to skimp on the stamina, especially if you’re just starting to gear up your character for tanking.” “Beyond that, it’s in your best interest to stack stats which reduce your overall damage taken…Mastery is unmatched for this purpose. It doesn’t suffer diminishing returns, offers both defensive and offensive advantages, and provides the most consistent damage reduction…” Which we already knew.

    My last guild flounced through Dragon Soul, declared themselves Destroyers and all the officers went AFK until MoP. They left one whole raid team to fend for itself with only guild repairs and withdrawal of two stacks, from only half the guild bank tabs, to struggle with retention and cracking the heroic nut. My current guild couldn’t be more of a contrast. Unlike the previous shower of casuals this new guild wants to wipe all night if that’s what it takes to bulldoze through heroic DS and we’re currently 4/8. Last night we poked Heroic Hagara with a stick and were not overly impressed. Tonight we are going to polish the Eye of Eternity with her dead body. 😀

    Yeah DS has been nerfed, but we’re having maximum fun learning new mechanics and educating our team. I’d love to poke Sinestra with a stick too. Maybe, just maybe we’ll have time before MoP. Good luck in BoT and guild building, I would rather herd cats than go through that again.

    1. That’s horrible about your guild just getting DW down and then never showing up, that is just horrible for everyone left behind 🙁

      I hope I wasn’t frustrating you with my post and that it was everyone else right? RIGHT!!!!

      It is great to do new things and push yourself, I think that is why I love doing content heroically 🙂

  3. “I hope I wasn’t frustrating you with my post and that it was everyone else right? RIGHT!!!!” Of course it was everyone else!

    Heh, I wanted to address this sperately:

    “I have been chatting to another GM on our server …about someone in our guild that used to be in his guild. The story he gave me was not nice, in fact, was downright disturbing, however this guildie has given us no reason to act upon the previous GM’s information. We just have to watch this person closely and should anything come to light, we know that because of previous history there can be very little leniency.”

    Generally GMs either love or hate me. Well, actually three GMs hate me, all the others I got on really well with. I clashed with the three GMs simply because they were arrogant and power hungry. It’s a bit sad that someone can believe they are important and something because they run a guild! It’s not being a manager or running a company. It’s a club, an online, virtual club at that. It may be hard work, but it is not important work. Even if you do it well you’ve earned no respect by being the GM. You earn respect by being who you are and what you do. Some people really don’t like not having my instant respect simply because the are an officer or a GM. A prick is a prick is a prick. Having GM or Guld Officer next to your name does not elevate you.

    So take this guy as you find him/her. Don’t look for signs that confirm what you’ve been told. One thing I’ve learned in seven years is people, even GMs, exaggerate, misquote, misrepresent and lie because they have no other means to get back at people who disrespect their arrogance and ‘authority’ and decide to move on and find people more worthy of respect. ;D

    1. Oh definitely agree with you on that! The pug last night was the GM, and father last night I tend to believe him a little less. Not sting shut didn’t happen, but hews more annoying than the guilty has been 🙂

      I wish I was as capable as you in not putting up with shit. I am sorry you have a reputation on your server, but you know, sometimes that isn’t a totally bad thing!

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