PVP?? Really?

Regular readers of my blog, will know my feelings regarding PVP.  I think you are all nuts!

However, when 2v2 teams came into the game, hubby and I created a team, and I was in a 3v3 and 5v5 with some then guildmates.  So, what are we talking…BC if memory serves me correctly?  We rocked that 2v2 team – he played his shammy and I was on my mage and we won about 50% of the matches we entered.  To be honest that was about 50% more than I thought I would ever win.  But we had fun doing it, I wasn’t in it for the rating or the OMG MUST KILL thing…I was just enjoying an aspect of my favourite game.

Due to an issue on our 5v5 team and in particular with a guildie who hated me for a reason I am still trying to work out, we ended up moving guilds and starting up our guild, the pvp fell by the wayside.

Anyway, the last couple of nights we have been doing some random BG’s, and I have actually been enjoying myself, in fact, on my mage, I have been dying less than I normally do.  Of course I have only 2 pieces of PVP gear at the moment, but I am starting to get interested in it again.

I had not done any of the new BG’s side from Strand of the Ancients before the last few nights and I have to admit the influx of achievements has been a little encouraging 🙂  I even looked into starting up a 2v2 team again….shame!

Stupidly, I bought a war raptor on my druid to add to the collection of account wide mounts (I hope) for MoP:

Not realising that in the 15 minutes after doing that people would decide they wanted to start PVPing and I just wasted a buttload of honour points 🙁  At least it was my druid and not my mage, who the night before spent all 4000 of my justice points on enchanting mats figuring I would never use them for gear 🙁

Anyway, I managed to get the following achievements (and even a couple of them on my druid as well in consequent BG’s when I did them on her).  The guild even scored a few more PVP achievements, which is pretty sweet – all we need now is a Dwarf mage and lock….for the class slayers 😀

So in no particular order :p

Also got this on my druid now


Killers aren’t we?

I had fun, I am looking at some PVP spec for my mage, likely I will just go frost or fire, leaning towards fire  🙂  We shall see what happens.

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  1. PVP is a fantastic way to clean up the achievement charts! Welcome to the crazy world of OMG I WANT TO SMASH YOUR FACE IN GET THE HELL OFF ME TAKE THAT HA!

    1. Yeah I have missed it to be a little honest, but I am never going to be good enough to be you know anked or anything..LOL It is fun to runa round like a maniac and just pew pew for fun

  2. Grats on your achievements! I too, took up PvP after a long hiatus from it, mainly cause most of my guidies were burned out from raiding or wanted to take a break from WoW. The acheivees are also a big part of what’s keeping me interested in PvP until MoP comes out.

      1. I’ve got some sort of interface issue that causes my framerate to go completely to hell after an achieve window pops up, so they’re generally received with much cursing on my end. 😛

          1. Just irritates me in PvP. Yes, it’s nice that I got Storm Capper and all, but *right now* I’d prefer being able to outmaneuver this shammy that’s been trying to Thunderstorm me off the map since back on the bridge…

            Other than that I don’t achieve-grind, so it doesn’t bother me. 😀

          2. AHAH very good point, that would be awful if you were right in the middle of an important moment.

            I need to deactivate my windows key for the same reason 😀 LOL

          3. Yah, it causes me issues when tanking because I try and talk at the same time, my vents key is the left Alt button…LOL

            But healing would be much worse given that could be the difference between life and death 😀

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