Kirin Tor Mini Mage!!!!

O.O yeah baby!!!!

Took just under 18 months :p to finally get it

I spent the ENTIRE day logged into WOW from my PC – which I can see from the kitchen or on the laptop – being carried around the house with me because I was determined to get the last 2 books!!

I nearly missed one because I was checking soemthing out on my mac and not watching my pc, but someone got the Higher learning achievement and i happened to notice out of the corner of my eye.

Then finally…and about 5.30 this afternoon, whilst sitting on the floor like a drunken hooker, I saw a book spawn on the shelf.


I didn’t realise you got a mail with a little book to keep forever 🙂 My collector OCD went into overdrive excitement!

My very own Kirin Tor mini mage!


6 Replies to “Kirin Tor Mini Mage!!!!”

  1. Congrats!! Mine took about a month of logging in immediately after server resets (the books all spawn immediately after a reset.)

    Easily my favourite pet on WoW, just super cool!

    1. Yeah I was tempted a couple of times, but our servers restart at some ungodly hour like 4 in the morning…and I just couldn’t justify losing sleep for a book 🙂 shame on me, I am a bad collector I know 😀

      He is pretty special, and I have been coveting everyone else’s for so long, I had to actually get off my butt and get it done 🙂

    1. Thank you, I was pretty slack about the whole thing 🙂 heheehhe but the last couple of weeks I was living in Dalaran.

    1. AAHAH nothing wrong with shameless plugs!

      I had been doing the circuit since about mid way through Wrath, and everytime i was in Dalaran for anything I would do the lap, and over time i had whittled it down to 4, but it is just the waiting time you have spend…and then the fake books – I had so many fakes 🙁

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