Update on so much stuff

I know it has been a few days since I updated, I had to have emergency surgery on a re-ocurring problem, and although I am mostly ok, I am still recovering and have been some very bad raiding with great pain killers.

I did Onyxia 25 man with my frosties and some other famous people again, it was pretty awesome 🙂  I scored 3 different achievements. Many whelps, killing her fast and not geting hit with the deep breath…sadly, no mount dropped 🙁

Of course, my screenshotter did not take pictures…so I got a new screenshot mod…so sick of the old one not working!!

We also did Ruby Sanctum.  The only raid I have never done, neither had hubby.  I thought it was a very cool fight for the 3 minutes of it that we saw before the boss died!

I was pretty happy finally seeing that one, I have wanted to do it for a very long time. HAPPY!

I also managed to do a laid back raid with JD and do Onyxia on alliance side 🙂  Also fun and very fast, we did it 10 man and she was dead before i really even had one rotation off.  LOL.

Our guild got to level 3!  DING!  and is about 46% through the next level. A certain famous person placed a toon in our guild as well and I got all mental about it…hubby thinks I am insane…but I was hooting like a maniac…just a shame I was in hospital when it happened.

We also went back into DS tonight to get the last two bosses.  We had some trouble on Spine, but in the end got it done.  So we have cleared DS with the guild.  We are going to try for some heroics next week, morchok definitely and also Yorashj and perhaps Ultrax.

I know we are at a 30% buff and that makes things pretty easy, it is still an untested group and we still have some issues to be worked out.  So I think given that, clearing the content is pretty impressive.  We want to get some heroics done before MoP just so we can test out our group I guess. It will also help level the guild, but in all honesty, I am not sure how much longer we will be raiding for anyway since MoP is so close now.   We still need 2 DPS as we are still pugging for raids, but it has only been a guild for 2 weeks I think, so we are not doing too badly.

Anyway, that is all my updates 🙂 Sorry for the long post, but i am still post-op and on good rugs so I have to get everything in whilst I can still actually mostly type 😀

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  1. If you don’t mind me asking…What SS addon are you using now? I have looked on Curse.com and there are so many and I really don’t want to have to try them all to find one that actually works well. 😉

    1. I am using Multishot now….so far it hasn’t failed me once. Although the test will be when the guild levels next. I haven’t had to change the setting for the perfect delay either – it just set it by itself.

  2. Never be sorry for a long post 🙂
    LOL you goof, you made me laugh – it’s only ME!!
    Glad you’re feeling better though, and that your guild is going well. They seemed like a nice bunch.

    1. Lol if only you realised how famous you were :p Then you could be like Angelina or Scarlett 😀

      I am feeling better, but it is slow…and so long posts are the way to go at the moment.

  3. Good rugs eh? Heh. Long posts are no bad thing (look at my whole blog for Chrsit sakes!)

    Sad to here you’ve been hopitalized but pleased you’re doing well. At least you’re cheering so I’m guessing you’re getting better. (Hope so).

    Someone famous!? So mysterious, you should totally name drop.

    Hc Dragon Soul. Heh. My new guild and I are 4/8 Hc, so let me humbly suggest Zonozz as being easier than Yor’Shaj and really Ultrax is (almost) a gimme. If everyone remembers to push their button at the right time it goes pretty well.

    Good luck with everything!

    1. The drugs were so good, i must have thought I was flying on a magic rug….

      Oh, no I can’t name drop…they don’t know me 🙂 for the most part…although I swear i was in a run with your warlock the other day and didn’t even realise…perhaps I am nuts though 🙂 Or maybe just someone with a simialr name….

      After reading all the strats i thought Zonozz sounded easier than Yorsahj, but as I have never done any of them, it is really hard to tell 😀

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