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Frinka has given us another great topic this week.

Have you ever tried to introduce real life friends to WoW? If yes, how did it go? If you never have, why not?
Mine is in two parts, the story of my recruitment and me recruiting others.
My recruitment I am sure i have posted before, but since I have no idea when you all get the story again :p
My hubby’s best mate – Cayehn, used to waffle on about this game World of Warcraft just as it came out – in truth I have no idea if he was in BETA.
Cayehn was coming down to visit us for a weekend – usually some form of LANing involved.  From memory we played Rise of Nations or Warcraft or Warhammer – I always sucked against real players, occasionally I would have strokes of genius, but generally it was just fun to hang out and play shit together.
Hubby and I were playing Guildwars and I had not heard of WoW.  However, Cayehn was talking about the Auction House and his druid, so decided to log in and show us the game.  I remember he showed us the AH and I believe it was Ironforge but I may have just imagined that – he then took his druid to Badlands and was killing Earth elementals – approx level 40 at the time.  He turned into a cat and I was all OMG!!!!  So hubby and I both got to kill some things.
Cayehn then asked if I wanted to create a toon myself and I am pretty sure I did, but I honestly cannot remember what it was – I want to say gnome warrior, but i am not sure.  I was hooked. I spent about 15 minutes then and I did not want to log off.
Our birthday present a couple of weeks later – copies of WoW 🙂  I got to 60 before Cayehn – he still hasn’t lived that down!
One our friends son was having a birthday and we knew he was into gaming etc, so we confirmed that his parents wouldn’t mind paying a subscription and bought him a copy of BC (including WoW).
I think he played a mage to 70, then basically stopped, however his parents….well they got slightly obsessed.  They knew hubby and I played this game and they used to be into D&D and Diablo, so it isn’t that far a stretch. However his mum now has a toon of each class at 85, and his dad only has 2 level 85’s but is completely obsessed with both of them.
We have spent the last few New Years together having LAN parties with alcohol and food. Hubby and I take our PC’s over, set them up on the table and we run dungeons, PVP and generally just muck about in game whilst getting completely smashed and stuff ourselves silly 🙂  I have some great memories from those nights, it may not be as cool as massive house parties etc, but you know, I really enjoy small gatherings with great people doing something i love.
Long post sorry guys 🙂 Happy you stuck with me to the end! Here are others (updating as they come in).

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    1. LOL I am the only person i know that likes playing monopoly 🙁 Although – maybe if i bought the WoW version I could convince them drunken is the way to go :p

        1. Play with your cards face down. Any player may place hotels or houses on any property. Properties are sold at random from a shuffled deck. Any time a player lands on a property, anyone can demand rent. The player who landed on the property can call any person who requested rent on their request. If the “owner” was bluffing, they pay the rent to the caller and any other player who wasn’t called, and hand over a property chosen at random to each.

          If the demander can actually prove ownership, the caller pays rent, goes to jail and hands over a property at random to the owner, and can’t claim properties or fees from any bluffers. If the player chooses not to call any bluffs, they must pay everyone who demanded.

          Works best if you use custom Chance cards that mainly involve swiping other players’ properties or “donating” your own to the deck or other players – uncertainty is the order of the day. The net result is generally a mario party style game that it’s impossible to take seriously, because omgwtf random.

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