I think i got bored…

then I woke up and remembered how much more I have to get done in game.

Yes, I have WoW dreams. I also have dreams about Glee and karate.  I have “How to train your Dragon” dreams.

Life is sort of just chugging along at the moment, hubby and I have quested through Vash’j and Uldum on our shammy/pally combo – I think I have managed to get paid about 6k for all my questing in those 2 sections – including some LFD runs.

Well worth it to get the questing done I think.

I have been slowly improving on my shammy.  I am having the same issue on her though as my rogue.  I am just not used to not actually pressing buttons. It feels very unnatural to just let weapon damage occur – hopefully it won’t take too much longer to get used to it.

Hubby is turning into a very good tank 🙂  We have really only had one arse in a run and he spent more time talking than healing and then wondered why hubby was taking so much damage, then started bitching about that. Had he shut up and actually done his job it wouldn’t have been an issue, almost turned the hubby off the job. Tanking is a shit job in LFD though because people just abuse you without even giving you half a chance.

We have a guild website up now, you should check it out!  We are still adding bits and pieces to it 😀  I may be bringing my pally over, so we can do a raid next week – if we don’t find a tank by then of course, but i hope I don’t need to :p

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  1. The Amateur family went to see “How To Train Your Dragon: The Live Spectacle” two weeks ago. It was phenomenal.

    I realize this barely relates to your post in any way, but as you mentioned the book/movie, I felt the need to share. 🙂

        1. Well if they ever come here again i may have to actually go…at least I think they have been here already…I am going to have to investigate now 🙂

          Nice to find another dragon influenced person living amongst the normals :p

          1. So much so. Seriously. But, like, Drakes and D&D traditional. That kind of dragon. I’m weird that way. Lol.

            Now I want to go get my Draconomicon 3e out of the office…

          2. oh tabletop hey…yeah not my kind of thing :p I never got into RPG of any sort until I found WoW. So my dragon love stems from just normal in the world – and Pern. Pern did not help reduce my obsession at all…LOL

    1. LOL so true! But hey all people help, I am still intrigued that you even have a mage that got past level 10 on alliance side…how did you manage that?

  2. I have WoW dreams. I always kind of feel bad about having them, then I decide that if I have to choose between some screwed up nightmare about real life and a cool dream about Azeroth, I’ll take the latter any day.

    1. The way you think is like me, I much prefer my dreams about boss kills with friends than the other horrible things my brain brings up. I remember a while ago now, I had a dream that there was 40 of us killing Kel’thuzad. Us being my friends in game and out, but real life – however looking like the toons in game…it was pretty messed up. But I had so much fun. So many people from blogging and twitter that my brain just created toons for. Shutting up before anymore crazy leaks out 😀

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