Chasing achievements

Ever since the achievement system came into effect, I have had a few BC dungeons not listed as completed.  This has always sat in the back of my mind, because I don’t recall doing anything to get the ones I already had.

Yesterday, I finally decided to get off my butt and do them.

I did do Setthek Halls just before this so get my birdie…he didn’t drop 🙁 Maybe Next time right?

Farmed ramparts for my shoulders on my purple purple, so I was pretty over this one let me tell you 🙂  All for a good cause though!

Orcs…hit harder than I realised…this place almost killed me a couple of times because of groups that I couldn’t stop myself from pulling entire rooms…bad bad move….I survived one with 24 hit points….but it was so lovely for AOE…so much AOE!!

I personally think some bloody awesome loot drops in here.  I managed to get the mantle of three terrors, which was something I had considered making a transmog outfit around:

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Also a fantastic Stave dropped. I think it looks like the horde symbol and I am almost tempted to change my current transmog to this one.  It is awesome I think. The Bloodfire Greatstaff:

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Then I went off and did the final one. I left my most disliked until last, also funny because had I not completed this one, I could not have been able to get into Black Morass – so perhaps the achievements were borked…really?

YAY!  I finally had all my proper achievements!  Now I have to work on the ICC ones and Ulduar ones – I am so close on the ICC ones to getting a mount, I only need two more..I just have to wait until a group is being advertised for that.

I decided after all the above, I would start chasing down the last 4 books I needed for the higher learning achievement. Most boring chase ever!  But whilst I was doing that I saw a floating mouse and since I like taking photos of things like that, here it is with a photo bomb as well!  As I went to take the pic my pet decided to jump in just as I hit the button.  I thought it was funny even though I wasn’t going to mention the mouse thing, I had to mention the photo bomb!


I am still waiting for 4 books to spawn…i keep getting fake books 🙁

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