Bad Guild Juju and Looking for Guild.

I have just found out, that apparently – another mutiny is occurring in my alliance guild with different people this time – apparently the good players wanting to get rid of the bad players, and are asking for the GL to stand down so they can shake up the raid team.

I am just amazed at the amount of bad juju in this guild.  I must have cursed it or something when I left…I don’t remember doing any curses, but then my mage is very powerful and she is out of control sometimes….

I feel bad for the GL as I went through that with them before, an I understand how it feels that people do it behind your back,   I will try and chat to him today at some point if I can 🙁

I have just removed my toons from the guild as well now, because although I was going to keep one in there, I am not going to given the above circumstances.  Apparently there was no mention of me not being in the raid or even online last night during their raid, which means they are quite happy to see my back and I am happy to show it to them.

Now, I am on the path for finding a new guild.  So I am having to do this again even though, not a few weeks ago I decided I wasn’t going to leave the guild…how things change so quickly in this world!

My issues are as follows:

  • I can’t raid on Monday or Thursday.
  • Because of where I live in relation to my workplace, I generally can’t raid outside of 7.00pm to 10.30pm Melbourne time (maybe 11pm if really really needed to).
  • I don’t really want to raid more then 2-3 days a week as I have to do uni study as well.
  • I have 4 Alliance toons I would need to faction/server move unless I find a guild on AT then I just have to faction move. – That gets expensive!
  • I am going Horde – no more alliance scum for me!
  • I want a raid team.

So just a few criteria I know, but I am better to get them sorted in my head so I know what I am looking for, and surely somewhere in the blogosphere, people will see this and let me know they are recruiting for MoP 🙂  I may also have to just consider PVP realms as well because there seems to be a lot of guilds recruiting on them, but I played on a PVP realm in SWTOR and I hated every second of it.  So I really have to be careful with that decision given the amount of toons I will have to move.

**Awkward moment now given who reads my blog**

My Dath guild was my first choice if their raiding plans and my schedule fit together – I am not sure they do from the brief chat I had with Navi a few weeks ago – until last night when a person said something about being raped.  Normally that is an instant ignore (and I don’t like ignoring guildies – ever) and I didn’t have the balls to say anything at the time, because everyone was so excited to see her/him, I take it s/he is a long time member.  So that has made me nervous and twitchy about being in the guild at all.  Prior to that issue last night, I had been trying to pin Navi down so I could sort out the plans for the raiding team in MoP which would allow me to make a better decision about being able to join them etc, but the druid doesn’t stop…on the go all the time 🙂

So that is my current situation – I am guildless on my main toons and I have no idea what to do. I am in limbo.  I started shortlisting guilds last night but I don’t really want to make any decisions until I speak to someone in my horde guild.  If that doesn’t work out (I think they raid on the two of the days I can’t), there are a couple of guilds recruiting for MoP already for the core raid team and I may just apply to them and get in early so I can determine if they are the guild for me long term.

I have to switch my mage back to fire/arcane and then try and get into some runs so I can take some combat data for applications – nervous 🙂 I will sort out all my bank toons first, make her horde and then do the data log. I don’t think applying as frost will give the best impression of my uber playing…LFR might be a good place to take some data as it is an actual raid situation.

I felt awkward last night because I didn’t raid, but hubby did and he was telling me all the crap that was going on – I was glad I didn’t log on last night to my mage 🙂 I am glad I made the decision I did – I just felt weird all night because I was supposed to be raiding….ahh the addition is just horrible!!  LOL

Anyway, TL;DR version:

I need an oceanic raiding guild!!!  LOL



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  1. Hope you find what you’re looking for sooner rather than later. Times like this I wish we had people in ours so we could get some of the achievements done but the hassle-less situation over the last couple of months has been very welcome indeed – otherwise I would have taken your offer to come into mine. But Cool and I aren’t on that much these days due to the lack of things to do.

    1. No, you guys needed it – and I think you do if you are a GL and it all goes to hell…a break is required for the recuperation. People put a lot of effort into their guilds and it is just so hard when it all turns out like muddy water 🙂

      Not a lot to do?!?!?! OMG if I had more time – there is so much I want to get done before MoP comes out..LOLSo many alts and so many achievements I need! hehehe

  2. 🙁 that, for lack of better words, sucks. We’ve had that kind of drama before in a causal guild we were in for fun, we didn’t stay long, because drama isn’t fun. I hope you find a guild that suits your needs quickly.

    1. Thanks Eluna 🙂 Yeah I am generally not in it for drama – of course random people are always going to have drama – but ongoing drama is not my thing. I hate conflict 🙂

      Here’s hoping it all works out smoothly!

  3. I was going to suggest Cym’s guild since they are free Saturday Sunday day times to raid. Ooooh and I’m sorry about the awkward moment yesterday, I know that people get offended by offhand comments like that, and I am sorry whoever set it upset you! I never want to pressure you to join our guild, because I wanted to see if you liked it first because I know it can be awkward, and we just like to have you around because you’re a nice person 🙂

    1. LOL YOu crack me up I swear 🙂 We are just the same type of person which is why we are never going to get anything done :p HAHAHHA

      1. ZOMG – you behavig like a good little person even … come on let out the loud raucous fun loving “screw you hippie” person you really are … then the guild will kidnap you for thier raid team … and for shits and giggles 😛

        1. heh I think that person is buried here somewhere, I guess the joy of not being a GL is that I can leave when I think the shit has gone too far 🙂 I am sure the hippy screwing fun lover will be back soon need to rush these things you know 😀

    1. Thanks Andrew 🙂 I will let you know though – hubby is on his way home now, so no doubt it will be topic of conversation over dinner tonight 😀

    1. You know I wish I was EU many good guilds on EU 🙂 I may just have to jump ship, move countries…I wouldn’t mind moving to Germany…LOL

  4. Guild drama ftl. I’m lucky that my current guild is pretty much drama free, but I remember one guild I was in would have huge drama whenever anyone left with people declaring the guild was going to die and all the good people would leave and WAAAAAAAAHHH! Well eventually that did happen but it took many years and I was long gone by that point.

    Good luck finding a new guild, I know how hard finding one that is a perfect fit can be.

    1. Thanks Morrigu. I think guilds can be drama free providing people know and understand what they are signing up for. If you join a guild with no rules though – all hell breaks lose. If you sign up knowing the limits surely that goes along way to calming a lot of drama before it can explode?

      Your old guild sounds like mine now…apparently me leaving was going to stop the raid team – OMG – but they raided Thursday night with a full group….o.O yeah I caused it all to fall apart :p hehehe

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