Non raider Mage

I haven’t posted about this until now because I really was at a loss and needed some time for my head to process the information.

After my grumpy post the other day about my alliance guild, I emailed my guild leader the next day and resigned from the raid team and essentially the guild!

I am/is a little shocked still that I have done it. I don’t have a raid team anymore. I am part of a game that I now don’t understand – I have never played WOW and NOT been a member of a raiding team. I feel scared and free, and really scared!

I have advised my gl that my Mage is switching horde as all my friends play horde do for cross realm raiding I want to use my Mage. I also advised him that for the moment my Druid and pally are not changing or leaving – but that is more because I don’t know what to do about my Mage yet.

I am probably going to take a few days to sort out my head after this upheaval, but I am not raiding tonight…because I resigned!

My leaving will probably mean they will stop raiding, and I go feel slightly guilty but it is my money and my feelings getting abused, so although harsh, I don’t have the energy to care, when they don’t care in return.

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  1. Hey Dragon, you did the right thing for yourself, don’t feel guilty. If the asshats don’t respect you and you are not enjoying yourself, then it’s time to move on. If it means their raid folds, it’s their loss not yours. WOW is a game and games are meant to be fun. You’ll find a place in another guild for sure.

    1. Second that 🙂

      Now maybe you will liste to me and trust yourself to have fun … with people that know how to play the game correctly and have fun doing it 😛

      1. I always listened to you – I was just a chicken shit 😀 I can’t wait to find that guild Kolibear! I just can’t wait.

    2. Thanks Ayelena 🙂 It is never an easy thing to do when you appreciate a lot of things about the guild, but you are spot on – games are meant to be fun – i should want to enjoy my 15 bucks a month 😀

  2. I am planning on post later today or first thing tomorrow called “Human Resources.” Read when you have time – for now, I need to keep trying to get the Innkeeper’s Daughter to appear…tricksy girl, that one!

  3. I’m in the poor raidless mage club too! It’s kind of nice, but I do miss it occasionally. I think I miss the teamwork more than actually raiding though.

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